Behind The Scenes | How I Package My Etsy Orders

Hi friends! If you didn’t know, I actually run an Etsy shop selling lifestyle products & accessories (check it out here if you haven’t already πŸ˜„) and I just realized that I have never done any behind the scenes posts on here! XD I don’t really know why I haven’t, but it’s definitely time! I know several of you have asked how I package my orders when I ship them out to you guys, so I thought I’d start there! I hope this will be fun for your guys to read! πŸ™‚

My business originally just started as a scrunchie shop, but now I’ve expanded to face masks, keychains & lanyards, elastic hair ties and most recently macramΓ© earrings (which I’m super excited about btw)! I have these cards that I use to package the scrunchies, hair ties and earrings and they work super well! I love the minimalist design and also just how well they hold the products and make them stand out! Anyway, here’s how all the scrunchies go out: I usually slip them on the card, stick them in the resealable bag then stick the bag closed with these kraft paper “thank you stickers.” I also really want to switch those out with pink & gold “you have great taste” stickers, which I think would work better with my brand. But I want to wait until I run out of the kraft paper stickers until I do that. πŸ˜‰

The elastic hair ties go out similarly to the scrunchies, except instead of the resealable bags and stickers, I use these clear cellophane bags that just make the whole package seem more professional! They’re super inexpensive and work so well!

The macramΓ© earrings also are packaged similarly to the scrunchies & hair ties. The only real difference is that I poke two holes in the top of the card for the earrings so they can hang down! I love the look of the colorful earrings with gold hardware on the black and white simple card! πŸ’•

For the face masks I just slip them in the same resealable bags as the scrunchies, add in a “face mask care instructions” card and seal them up with the kraft paper (hopefully soon, pink & gold) stickers!

All of the lanyards & key chains I tie up with some twine into a cute little bow then (depending on the size) either put them in the resealable bags with the sticker or the clear cellophane bags.

All of my actual packages go out in either a padded rose gold mailer, a geometric marble poly mailer or a cactus poly mailer. Once I run out of the geometric marble and cactus designs, I’m gonna reorder them in a blush pink color to match the rest of my branding better! They also have these adorable “happy mail” stickers on the outside, which I think are just the cutest!

I always make sure to slip one of these cute postcards in with every order! They have a little info about my shop + ways to stay connected and also a coupon code for next time! I get these printed at Vistaprint and they’re super professional looking and inexpensive! Also, for a personalized touch I always like to add a handwritten “thank you” then sign my name. I think that my customers really appreciate that personalized touch – it makes the whole experience seem like you’re buying from a real person, not just a big brand! #shopsmall

It’s also nice to include a little freebie whenever possible! I’m hoping soon to start including a little freebie with each order, but currently all of my orders that are over $35 and all my email & blog subscribers (hi friends!!) receive a cute hair tie with their orders! Make sure to tap the button below to claim your freebie!

If you’re also a small biz owner, don’t forget to check out my list of resources & tips that you are super helpful and you need to grow your small business! ✨

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to save it to Pinterest to both share with others and save it for yourself later (super helpful image down below)! 😁 Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines day! πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

β™₯ Hannah

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