10 Décor Tips That Will Instantly Make Your Space Look Better

Hey friends! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love reading décor post ideas, especially if they’re filled with little tips that just work and make your entire space look that much better! I decided to compile 10 of my favorite super helpful décor tips that will instantly transform your space and make it look that much better!

1. Keep everything in one color scheme/ palette.

One of the best things you can do when decorating is to stick with a limited color palette. I know it may seem more fun to just go with any colors you want, but choosing a couple of colors and sticking to them will dramatically help your space flow better, seem bigger and just work better. Don’t be afraid to use the colors and styles you enjoy, but stick with one overall feel and limit the colors to one color scheme.

2. Include plants.

I don’t know why exactly this is, but I think that plants make any space look better! Even if they’re faux. (hint: Target & IKEA have wonderful small faux plants at super affordable prices, like $5 a plant. I’m a HUGE fan!) Get creative with your plants and find containers that work with your décor style. Think macramé hanging plants for a boho theme and geometric terrariums for a modern theme!

3. Neutral walls.

If you want your space to feel bigger, cleaner and you want your décor to stand out more, I’d definitely recommend sticking with neutral wall colors! I know it might seem boring to have a neutral wall color, but you literally change up your décor as much as you’d like and it makes your room feel bigger, brighter and cleaner! Another idea would be to do an accent wall, such as a wall covered with wallpaper or a chalkboard wall. Pair it with neutral walls for a lovely focal point!

4. Use the “Magic Rule of Three.”

This is one of the most beneficial things you can learn in decorating and styled photography. I use this “rule” all the time when taking product photos for my shop or decorating or doing styled photography. Basically the idea is to use three different items all with different heights, (the photo above has some examples). This will add dimension and depth to your décor and just make it look so much better! In decorating and styled photography, always stick with odd numbers.

*Backstory* I actually learned this whole “rule of 3” thing from flower arranging. When you’re arranging flowers, you always stick with an odd number of flowers. Like three or five or even just one. When I started doing more styled photography for my blog & shop, I used the same idea and then did more research on it and found that it was actually a real thing in photography and in home décor as well. 😂

5. Contain things with a tray.

I don’t have a “scientific” explanation for this one, haha, but it’s also super helpful! For some reason, placing cluttered items on a tray makes them look much more contained. I think that this is partly because it contains the clutter to one place and makes it a single “item” to look at rather than many items. I use this on my desk and it makes my books and other items look MUCH more contained. I also do this with my makeup items in my bedroom.

6. Get creative with your lighting.

If you’ve read any other of my decorating posts, then you’ll probably know that I absolutely love getting creative with lighting. Obviously, highlight the natural light in your space as much as possible (think: soft curtains that let natural light in or mirrors to reflect the light) but if your space doesn’t have much natural light, don’t be afraid to get creative with your lighting options! For example, my sister and I hung fairy lights around the ceiling of our room and it’s one of our favorite things in our room – they’re so fun to turn on at night or when we have friends over for a cozy vibe!

7. Keep it minimal.

In one of my favorite design books, Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith, she talks about how minimal doesn’t have to be boring and unstylish. (I’d highly recommend that book btw!) Instead, keeping clutter and “stuff” at bay allows for more room for a peaceful space and it also will highlight your thoughtfully chosen décor pieces.

8. Add some texture.

Adding texture to a room makes the space feel much more homey and cozy. If you’re struggling with ideas on how to add texture to your space, think of fur rugs, textured throw pillows, chunky knit throws, faux fur rug throws draped on chairs – there are so many ideas you can implement and use in your space to make it seem more homey and cozy.

9. Use items you already have & use.

Instead of hiding your stuff away in drawers, use it as a décor element. Of course, not all of your stuff is decoration-worthy and that’s perfectly fine! But we all have those lovely pieces that we can keep out and use as décor. One of my favorite examples of this is using jewelry as décor. I found this gold jewelry rack at Pier 1 before they went out and I love how easy and functional this décor idea is. You don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new décor – use what you have!

10. Include some black.

I know black might seem boring, and yes, it does absorb light, but you don’t have to necessarily paint your walls black, but instead think of accents that will add structure and depth to your room. Think curtain rods, a black metal bed frame, classic black art frames in a gallery wall, etc. Adding a touch of black will bring structure into your room and keep everything classy!

Alright you guys, I think that’s it! Don’t forget to pin this post to save it for later and comment down below what you favorite tip was! Also, I’d love to hear any tips you guys have found helpful when decorating! ✨

💛 Hannah

17 thoughts on “10 Décor Tips That Will Instantly Make Your Space Look Better

  1. Great tips, Hannah! Especially the sticking to the color scheme one. *nods* Is the room in the photo your bedroom? It’s SO pretty! ❤ Also aha, I shall have to add the "Magic Rule of Three" to my list of reasons why 3 is my favorite number. Hehe, there's just so many great "three" things!

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  2. The magic rule of 3 is so true! Odd numbers are always more pleasing when it comes to art and design! Love love love this post! I’m so obsessed with styling up my room too and I love everything you have listed here! 💗

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