My Summer Favorites 2020

Hey guys! I’ve seen quite a few posts like this going around, so I thought I’d make my own and share with you guys some of my favorite things for this summer! This list is kind of general, it has a couple of clothes, accessories, makeup & skincare products, etc. but I hope it will be fun & helpful for you guys!

Quick Disclaimer: None of these products are sponsored at all, these are just things I’ve been really enjoying this summer and wanted to share with you guys!

Thread Wallets Meadow Phone Case Wallet

Oh my goodness, guys, this one is definitely a must-have! I’m notorious for losing my purse and hardly ever carry one, but to do this day I’ve never left my phone anywhere (thank goodness! XD), so this really is perfect! You can carry cash and/or a card with you, it’s super cute and it’s on sale now! They also have a bunch of other designs if you’re a guy or just don’t like the floral print of this one.

Pura Vida Sunflower Choker

This might be my favorite necklace I’ve ever owned! It’s perfect for summer and just matches everything so well! I also appreciate how it has two different lengths, to pair with any shirt you’re wearing. I’ve also layered it before, which looks super cute as well!

Striped Paper Bag Shorts

Ahh, I’ve worn these shorts already so many times this summer! They’re super inexpensive off of Amazon and I love how they have pockets. Amazon has several different patterns of these, so you could totally stock up for summer!

Glossier Cloud Paint In Storm

I honestly love just putting this product on my face (even if I don’t have anything else on) it just gives a cute minimal look and adds a pop of color! It also lasts for soooo long and doesn’t look cakey. Beware though, a little goes a very long way, seriously, this stuff will last you forever!

Glossier Face Exfoliator Solution

Another one of my favorite products from Glosser, I love this stuff! And not just for summer, but for all year too. I’ve really noticed that it does help my skin and is a super helpful exfoliator. Besides, it literally has the cutest packaging of any skincare product I’ve ever had.

Yellow Sleeveless Tiered Dress

This dress has become my go-to for hot and cool days alike. It looks super cute with a jean jacket or just by itself. I also just love how flowy and summery it looks and feels!

Arizona Birkenstocks

Guys, I love my birkenstocks so much! They’re so comfy and perfect for summer! I’ve had mine for a while now and they’re still in pretty good condition. (although, if I want to wear them next year, I’ll probably need to get a new pair)

Invisibobble Spiral Hair Ties

These are absolute must-haves for summer! I love how versatile they are and also how you can wash them with soap and water. They’re perfect for right after the pool or for just putting your hair up on a hot day!

Alright guys, I think that’s it! I hope you enjoyed, and make sure to let me know your summer favorites in the comments below!

❀ Hannah

P.S. I just released some fun new velvet scrunchies that are featured around this post. Go check them out here! 😁

21 thoughts on “My Summer Favorites 2020

  1. Those are all soooo cute!! *squeals* I think my favorite is the phone wallet! But it’s all so pretty Wonderful post!

    -Laura ❀ πŸ™‚

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  2. So beautiful!! That phone wallet especially is absolutely gorgeous. 😍
    Also, I’ve been wondering how you design your headers. I think they’re super pretty! Is there a specific website or software you use?


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    1. Aww, thanks, Esther! IKR!? I use kind of a combination of Photoshop and Canva, I’m starting to use Photoshop more and more though. I’m so glad you enjoy! πŸ™‚

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  3. These posts are always so much fun to read! Thank you for sharing your summer favorites, Hannah. :))
    I have to say that my absolute favorite thing that I own right now are my chacos. I find them so comfortable and practical. :))
    I hope that you are well and having a good summer. ❀


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