4 Winter Outfit Ideas For Highschool & Teenage Girls

Hey guys! Who else is starting to kind of get tired of winter? Ahh, I’m so ready for it to FINALLY be summer! To cheer up your winter blues, I’ve got 4 super cute winter outfit ideas, to help you wrap up the winter season. Many of these can work for early spring/fall too!

Adidas sweatpants, blush pink jacket, white socks, birkenstocks & gray hat. Okay, so this a total lounge outfit, but it’s so comfy and cute, I had to include it. I love my Adidas sweatpants – they were totally worth the money, and they go with everything!

Gray sweater, green cargo jacket, jeans & boots. I love how versatile this outfit is. You could make it dressier by adding a necklace and earrings, or just leave it more casual. A green cargo jacket has to be one of my favorite staple wardrobe pieces!

Sherpa hoodie, black jeans & white adidas shoes. Sherpa hoodies have been super popular over the last few months, and for good reason. They are literally soooo comfy! I love pairing my sherpa with black jeans and white shoes. It makes for a casual & cozy, but still really cute winter outfit!

Basic sweatshirt, jeans, white adidas shoes. For winter, I love just wearing a basic sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes or boots. It’s a super easy outfit, and you can add accessories to make it more creative. I love dainty necklaces, scrunchies and bracelets!

Winter Staples 2020 For Teenage Girls:

Note: These are the things I enjoy wearing and actually wear. Yours might look similar or completely different. I personally really enjoy reading other lists like this and getting ideas, so I hope this is helpful, but please don’t feel like you need everything on this list or something. 😉

  • Sperry’s duck boots
  • low heel boots
  • Adidas white shoes/checkered Vans
  • Birkenstocks/Nike slides (for wearing with socks 😉 )
  • one pair of black jeans
  • two pairs of medium wash jeans
  • one pair of Adidas sweatpants
  • one pair basic black leggings
  • 2-4 t-shirts
  • one cute, casual shirt
  • one long sleeve tee
  • 2 sweaters
  • one neutral cardigan
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • one flannel button-up
  • one basic black dress
  • one blanket scarf
  • one long sleeve swing dress
  • green cargo jacket

I included items in the list for every day or school and also for church. It’s kind of a staples list. I hope it will be helpful for you guys! 😃

I haven’t done an outfit post in a while, so I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you have any ideas for another outfit post, be sure to let me know, as always, I’d love to hear from you! 😊

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💙 Hannah

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