Christmas Gifts 2019

Hey guys! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years! I know mine was filled with many different celebrations and activities with family and friends, which makes for a wonderful holiday! 😉 I know so many bloggers do “Christmas hauls” and I’ve done them in the past, so I decided to continue the tradition and write one again this year. I hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂

Also, I am not in any way trying to brag about the gifts I received or anything like that. I personally always really enjoy reading these type of posts, and so hopefully you do to. 😉


Let’s start with the gifts from my family. Shall we?

I was so excited to receive this Pura Vida bracelet, it’s so cute and I’d been wanting this particular one, but unfortunately they don’t have it anymore, so I’d given up on ever getting it. Then my sister found it online and they ordered it for me! I was so surprised and excited! 😀

Ahh, I’d seen these everywhere, and they looked so nice! This particular one has interchangeable heads, and it vibrates, which is super nice! I actually didn’t know they had vibrating ones before I received this one. XD

Eeep, I was so excited to see these two little boxes under the tree with my name on them. I’d been wanting to try Glossier’s Balm Dotcoms, after really enjoying some of their other skincare/makeup products, and these didn’t disappoint. (btw. would you guys like to see a basic makeup routine?) I like to use them as a tinted lip gloss, but unlike some other lip glosses I’ve tried, they don’t go everywhere, which is really nice. 🙂

My little brother was extremely generous this year, and bought everyone a few gifts. It was so sweet! I received tropical candy canes, an oven mitt, and a hand towel. 😀

I also received these BUJO pens, I love the variety of tips, there are a few calligraphy pens, a few fine tips and a few brush pens. I was so excited to see a smaller brush pen, and let me tell you, it is so handy, especially since I was used to doing my lettering with a much thicker brush pen.

My sweet friend Laura sent me a package full of little goodies! Thank you so much Laura! I’m especially excited to make some new friendship bracelets for summer! 😀

My cousins sent me a bunch of exciting gifts, including the stickers, fairy lights, hat and cards! I love them all so much, and it was so generous of you guys to send them! 🙂

I also received a few other things and some money, which I am also extremely grateful for – thank you guys!

And I just want to wrap up this “gifts” section by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave me a gift, you guys are all so sweet and kind, and I really appreciate everything! 🙂

And that kind of wraps up my Christmas 2019! Did you guys have a good Christmas? What was your favorite gift that you received?

💙 Hannah

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14 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts 2019

  1. Ahh! That Pura Vida bracelet if SO. PRETTY!! ❤ I am so glad you liked my gift! 😀 You got some wonderful gifts! 😀 Yes! I had an awesome gift! 🙂 My favorite gift was a "Nashville" sweatshirt! 🙂 This was an awesome post! 😀

    -Laura ❤ 🙂

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