the glory days of october // fall photography dump

Hey guys! It’s no secret that October is by far my favorite month, so I’ve been taking lottsa photos of all the gorgeous fall colors. And it’s FINALLY started to feel like fall, maybe a little too chilly for my liking, but better than nothing!

The first part of this post are photos from a hike I went on recently. It was just as the sun was finishing setting, so some of the photos are slightly dark, but I actually kind of like how they turned out. The bright colors pop out from the darker backgrounds.

The bokeh on this one…😍

And now for part two. These were actually taken at the same spot as the photos from this post were taken last year. 😀

Guys, I didn’t edit the colors on this, they’re really that bright!

I hope you guys enjoyed browsing though those, I know I certanily enjoyed putting this post together – fall photos always make me happy! 😁🍁

💙 Hannah

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13 thoughts on “the glory days of october // fall photography dump

  1. Ahhh! Those all so pretty!!! I love them so much!! Fall photography is definitely some of my favorite photography! *heart eyes* Awesome post!! 😀

    -Laura ❤ 🙂


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