Plan My Week W/ Me

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Hey guys! I’ve seen people use everything from bullet journals to expensive online planning systems. And there really is no bad way to plan, it’s all about what works for you. Today I’ll be sharing the way I plan my week, which is pretty simple and all the tools are free. πŸ™‚

So most weeks I plan out my week sometime on Saturday, it’s just the day that works best for me, and I don’t have school to do on Saturday, therefore I have more time.

Yo it’s getting real here, you get to see my messy planning system!

For the first step I look at my monthly goals. (and as you know from this post my monthly goals are based off of my quarterly goals, based off of my year goals) I decide which goals I’m going to focus on that week. This week I chose: (note: the ones that say “per week” are weekly goals, for that month)

  • Work on email list – 50 new subscribers.
  • Work on podcast – Blogging Podcast

Then of course my every-week ones:

  • Consistently add 2+ listings per week.
  • Blog 3 times per week.

Alright so I have it labeled “Week 6” because it’s the 6th week of Q1. (quarter 1) So my goals for this week are:

  • Work on email list.
  • Add 2 new listings.
  • Blog 3 times.
  • Record next 3 modules of podcast.
  • School.
  • Journal.
  • Finish making podcast introduction.
  • Piano.

For some of you that will seem like a lot, and for some it will seem like a little, but honestly it’s what works for me right now. πŸ™‚

Now let’s break those weekly goals into daily goals:


  • Work on blog post #1.
  • Journal.
  • Record first 2 episodes of module 3.
  • Plan out listings for week.
  • Write transcript for rest of module 3.
  • Practice piano.


  • School.
  • Journal.
  • Work on blog post #1.
  • Put landing page in header.
  • Make listing #1.
  • Finish recording Module 3.
  • Write transcript for first two episodes of Module 4.
  • Practice piano.


  • Photograph and list listing 1.
  • Record first two episodes of module 4.
  • Write transcript for last 3 episodes of module 4.
  • Practice piano.
  • Go to piano
  • Publish post #1.
  • Make subscribe image for blog posts.
  • School.
  • Journal.


  • Make listing 2.
  • Record last 3 episodes of module 4.
  • School.
  • Journal.
  • Work on post #2.
  • Write transcript for module 5.


  • Create landing page for shop. Put link everywhere possible in shop.
  • Record 1st two episodes of module 5.
  • Publish post.
  • School.
  • Journal.
  • Practice Piano.
  • Photograph and list listing 2.


  • Design birthday and new subscriber emails for both lists.
  • Finish recording module 5.
  • Write post #3.
  • School.
  • Practice Piano.
  • Finish making introduction and put together in program.


  • Publish post #3.
  • Finish anything else up.
  • Plan out next week.
  • Plan out products for next week.

So how do I track if I’m getting stuff done?? I use colors. Red and green to be exact. If I get something done on time I’ll highlight it green, and if at the end of the day I fail to do a task, I mark it red. With the tasks that I failed I usually migrate them to the next day or next few days. Then I save Saturday as a catch-up + planning day (mostly) to finish everything that didn’t get finished. Here’s an example from a few weeks ago:

Oh and if you’re wondering why I don’t plan out what I’m doing for school is actually because it plans it out for me. πŸ™‚ (I’ve got something overdue, stink)

Would you all like to see a “life of online school student” post?

I hope this was helpful guys, and thanks for reading! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve really been working on that podcast and am SO EXCITED to show you guys. I never thought that talking to a microphone could be so much fun.

Also, I wrote this post mostly because you guys asked for an example of how my goal setting tips work on a weekly basis, and I wanted to show you a real-life example. And no, this isn’t staged, so this is actually what I’m doing this week. 😜

Oh and my friend Megan is doing a really neat giveaway for a pen-pal kit from her new Etsy shop! Make sure to check it out!


P.S. I’ve been thinking about something recently. I could never stand up and talk to almost 800 people in person, like I can hardly stand up and talk to a room full of people in person. But with blogging, I can talk to you guys and feel totally confident in myself. Thank you all so much!! ❀❀

featured image credit to because I’m lazy

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    1. Aww, thank you so much! I know, I love the idea of bujo and paper planners, but I just can’t make them work for me. πŸ˜›


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