The Positivity Blogger Award

Hey guys! I know I hardly ever do tag posts, but this one’s been going around, looks like fun, and I’ve been nominated by like every single blogger I know to do this. (thanks guys)

The Positivity Blogger Award was started by Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala to encourage and uplift other bloggers. Our journeys as online writers can be an arduous one, so remembering why we started, as well as going back to our roots as a blogger, is a beautiful way to stay inspired and motivated to keep on writing. Here’s to the world of bloggers!

Thanks Maggie for nominating me – and everyone else who also has! 🙂


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Display the award photo and rules in your post.

3. Share the reason behind the award.

4. Answer the set of eight questions.

5. Nominate the bloggers whose blogs you love!

My Answers:

Why did you start your blog? 

I had to start a blog for my school program, and just continued blogging – because I enjoyed doing it.

Are you still blogging for that same reason? 

Actually yes, I still blog because I enjoy blogging. I don’t want blogging to become a chore – or even a job. I also don’t market my blog. I’m sure that if I did, I could probably have a bunch more followers/view – but honestly I don’t really want that. If I ever do market my blog – it’ll just be for fun.

What is your favorite thing about your blog?

Hmm, I know this sounds kinda cliche, but I like the design of my blog.

Is your blog your favorite blog? (Because it should be)

I’ve always kinda struggled with being a positive person – but I’m getting better at it. I would say that my blog is my favorite blog, although I know there’s a lot of things I could improve on.

What posts of yours are you happiest with?

I really like this post – because I feel like it’s super helpful.

What is your favorite kind of post to write?

I really like writing devotional/more serious posts, but I also love writing lifestyle posts. Another type of posts I like writing are instructional posts, like the goal setting post I wrote recently – or my blogging 101 series.

What is something that you could do to improve your blog?

I want to work on posting more often and my featured images.

Are you happy with your blog?

Yes, I would say so. 🙂

I nominate…

I really feel like so many people have already been nominated for this – so instead, I’m just going to list some of my favorite bloggers.

Aria @ariaphoto

Anna @anniewrites

Gracie @alightinthedarkness

Emmie @americangirlworld

Laura @lulaboo

Allison @afarmgirlslife


You guys can do the tag – or you don’t have to. 😉

If anyone else want to do it, and hasn’t been nominated yet – just let me know in the comments! 😀

Have a wonderful weekend!


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27 thoughts on “The Positivity Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for writing about the award, Hannah! 🙌🏼💛✨ Girl same here, I could totally have a higher-ranked blog if I promoted it, but I’d rather invest time in writing quality posts 😂
    (Also I’m gonna go by your shop because I love a good sale)

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