Art Lab Episode 50

Hello fellow artists! Welcome back to another Art Lab post! Today is actually our 50th posts, so as you might expect, that is quite exciting! 😀 I thought it would be fun to show you guys 5 of my favorite ways to make cute greeting cards! They are all super easy, and require no special surprise, so let’s get our making caps on 🙂

-Watercolor Stripes Card


This one’s pretty simple, just take a pre-cut card (or make your own) and find a fun colored watercolor.


Open the card so that it is flat and paint watercolor stripes onto about half of it. I like to experiment with textures!


And here is the finished product! Isn’t it cute?

-Handmade Paper Card

Recently I made some handmade paper, and I decided to make a cute card with it! 🙂


Again just take a pre-cut card, (or cut your own) and trim a piece of handmade paper to fit the card size. (you could also use scrapbook or textured paper instead) Glue on.


I used some stamps to kind of make it rustic looking. But if you like you could also hand letter a quote or message on your card!

-Type Thank You Card

This one is pretty simple. I just used some individual letter stamps and ink, to do the following design:


It’s really neat, but quite simple as well! 😉

-Watercolor Texture Card


Begin by painting a watercolor circle in the center of the card. Let dry.


Now go two shades lighter (with water) and paint the rest of the card. You should be able to see the circle (somewhat) still.


Sprinkle some coarse salt onto the circle only. Sprinkle some water on top of the salt.


Let dry completely.


-Washi Tape and Ink Card


Stick the edges of a pre-cut (or cut your own) card.


Stamp your desired message onto the card. I did “Friends 4 Ever”

Weren’t those cute? I hope you’ll be making some! Also, if did a bunch of these in different colors, and put them with envelopes, then they’d make a neat gift!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Watercolor sign-off.

P.S. I apologize for the different image sizes. (shakes head) I have no idea how that happened. XD



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