15 Summer Ideas to do When You’re Bored

Summer has officially arrived people! (it arrived about a month ago, meh) And with it comes no school, much freedom, scorching hot days, and of course b o r d o m. Today I’m going to list 15 different ideas to do anytime, but especially when you’re bored. πŸ˜‰


1. Try a new smoothie flavor!


2. Work on your novel/ write a short story!


3. Take a photoshoot with friends/siblings!


4. Read the Bible.

This was so fun to do!


5. Write surprise messages for neighbors, friends, family, etc.


6. Have a water-balloon fight!


7. Fold laundry. (I know you don’t want to..)

8. Write to your pen-pals.


9. Get ahead of your blogging schedule.


10. Make ATC’s!


11. Bake something. (maybe even host a bake sale)

Screenshot (7)

12. Do some online classes, such as foreign language.


13. Re-decorate your room!


14. Paint your nails.


15. Organize something!

There you have it! 15 different ideas, that are sure to bust boredom! Have a wonderful day friends!

Watercolor sign-off.

P.S. Sorry for the short-ness of this post. I’m actually camping right now, and didn’t get time to take the pictures for the DIY.

Thank you to photographers at Unsplash.com for providing a few of today’s images. πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “15 Summer Ideas to do When You’re Bored

  1. I love your pictures girl!! I’m writing poetry book right now so I guess I’m on the right track to success. Today it’s 96 degrees and I just can’t go outside because of my aesthetic. Great tips girls!

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  2. Love these ideas! I’ve been doing french, turkish and japanese on duolingo and it’s so fun learning the new languages. πŸ˜‚ I want to bake something this summer, water balloon fights are so fun and definitely aiming to memorize some Quran this summer.

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