SIL Photography Challenge #4

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another SIL Photography Challenge post! I can’t believe this is the second to last category! You guys’ photos were all awesome from this round, and without further ado I present Team Vines, Team Rose, and Team Leaf~!

If I missed your entry/bonus entry please let me know!

Team Vines







Points earned this round: 50

Total Team Points: 145

Note: Megan has so kindly switched to Team Vines to help them out! Make sure to welcome your new team member Team Vines! 🙂

Team Rose





Rebekah Leigh

Allison (Allison filled in the open spot, so she didn’t have a chance to submit for the last round. Please welcome her to the team!)

Points earned this round: 50

Total Team points: 160

Note: Team Leaf is missing a member so they earned 5 bonus points. Also I just want to shout out Anna, she has submitted bonus photos for each round and is really helping her team! Great job Anna!

Team Leaf






Points earned this round: 50

Total Team Points: 215

Thanks to everyone who submitted! If you didn’t submit then please try to help out your team! There are a lot of people who are working really hard to submit and others that aren’t!

If you need to drop out for some reason then please let me know in the comments, or if it’s more personal don’t hesitate to contact me!

Update: Allison filled the spot on Team Rose. There are now no more spots open!

There is 1 spot open on Team Rose if anyone else would like to join! 🙂

How to submit your photos:

How to submit photos:

There are 3 ways to submit photos!

1. Use this survey.

2. Write a blog post and include your photo/bonus photos. YOU MUST LINK TO YOUR POST IN THE COMMENTS. For example this is what your comment would read: “Hi Hannah, here is my entry for category #3. Please check out my post by clicking the link below”

3. Contact Me or if you know my email just email your photo! 🙂

The next category is Tiny!

Here’s an example!

Your photo doesn’t have to be any certain color and it doesn’t have to be a flower. It just has to be tiny!

And the bonus challenge is:

A pet!

(if you don’t have a pet, then just take a picture of any animal. If you can’t find any pet to take pictures of then use a zoo photo!! 😉

Here’s a picture of my friend’s dog Tilda, who has since had a haircut! 🙂 Isn’t Tilda adorable?

The deadline for submitting your photos is May 16th 2018 and I will have the next post up on May 17 2018. Please try your best to submit!

Rules for submitting your photos:

  • No editing. You can crop your picture but that is it. You cannot lighten or darken it, you also can’t make it black and white.
  • Make sure that the photo you are submitting is yours. This doesn’t mean you took it with your camera. Even if you took the picture with your mom’s phone, then it is still yours. But if your mom took the photo you are submitting it is not considered yours. 😉
  • You can watermark your photo with your blog url. Please don’t make it distracting though.

How your photo will be judged:

Creativity: This is the main thing I will be judging off of. Don’t just try to copy the example photo be unique and add your own spin!

Category: This is also important. Try to follow the category as well as you can.

Quality: I understand if you don’t have a quality camera. I didn’t for a long time either. As I said above I will be mainly judging on Creativity and Category, and although quality does matter, if you tried your best then that is what counts! 🙂

Have a wonderful day! Now go take pictures!

Also, I have a quick question. When SIL is over do you think it would be neat to make a post with some of my favorite photos that you guys submitted? Make sure to let me know in the comments!


40 thoughts on “SIL Photography Challenge #4

  1. Yay, another round! *squeals* Thanks for hosting SIL, Hannah, I’m really enjoying this so far!

    Ooh, yes, I think it’d be neat if you did a post with favorite photos- that sounds fun. 😉

    And… does a bird count as a pet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wait.. I checked my email…. the laptop deleted my draft… oops! I’m sorry about that. I’ll be more careful this week!- Jo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm, I’m so sorry about your laptop. Would you mind sending your photos again, that way I can add them to your teams score?


  2. Go team leaf! 😀 This has been so much fun… tiny and pets… you have come up with some great categories!! (so creative!!) Thank you Hannah!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hannah – I would LOVE it if you did a post with your fave photos. I’m dying to see what everyone else has taken. Go Team Rose! I’ve been tying my best to submit every round and this next category looks really fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi! I’m so sorry I totally forgot I signed up for this. I’ll try and submit a picture this week. The deadline is the 16th?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Good morning Hannah! It’s early but just wondered if you maybe would be interested in doing The Random Tag for Random People? I think I tagged you. -Jo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for nominating me! Could you link to the post where you nominated me? I hope I will be able to do it 🙂


  6. Wow this contest is going fast! Yes you should totally do a post with all your favourite photos from SIL. Also, you said submit your photos by May 16th and you’ll get the next post up on May 10th. Pretty sure that isn’t possible 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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