10 Creative Resources That You Need To Check Out!

DIY stuff is expensive. Unless you go to the dollar store, and of course they have limited options. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite resources for anything from scrapbook paper to markers! As a plus all of the resources that I’m listing are inexpensive and quality!




1. Scrapbook Paper.

I love scrapbook paper. Like really love it! The problem is at some places it is just so wonderfully expensive. BUT Jo-Ann Fabric’s often has 50% off their open stock paper. (I actually prefer buying open stock anyway because often I don’t need a thick paper and you can choose all your designs) It’s truly awesome, I have been known to leave that store with a ton of open stock paper when it’s on sale! XD


2. Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby has a 40% off coupon all the time which is super helpful! They also have a lot of sales! Make sure to shop sales because they really help someone who is addicted to buying home décor items (like someone I know) 😀


3. Stationary.

Ms. Sparkle & Co. @JoAnn Fabrics has a ton of stationary stuff, including washi tape, blank cards and envelopes, cardstock and a ton more stuff! Please go check this out! Also, most of their stuff is super inexpensive! My local JoAnn even has a $1.99 bin of stuff!


4. Vintage Fabric.

DON’T GO TO A FABRIC STORE FOR THIS!! Go to a thrift store! Literally the best place to find vintage fabric is at a thrift store. Why? Well for a few reasons, the fabric is actually authentic vintage, and it’s much cheaper than at a fabric store. Make sure to look out for stains and be sure that the fabric is big enough for your project! 😉


5. Home Décor Items.

Check out the dollar store! It’s hit or miss but if you are hoping to DIY some items make sure to look there! They often have fake flowers, foam wreath forms and literally a ton of stuff!

6. Random DIY and Home Décor Items.

I have found that Target has a bunch of great Home Décor Items, not to mention that they have some fun DIY stuff as well! Most of their items are relatively inexpensive, and I love all the unique choices! Plus with Magnolia Home at Target now, I’d definitely go there for Home Décor Items! 🙂


7. Outdoors.

Many of us think that we need to go to a big craft and DIY store to find what we need for our projects, but in reality sometimes just what we need is right out the back door! Go exploring in the outdoors and I’ll bet (if you’re looking) that you’ll come back with some special and unique items. I personally love pressing wildflowers and making them into ATC’s, and stationary!


8. Amazon.

When we think of Amazon we probably don’t think of craft supplies. And that’s OK. But to tell the truth Amazon has some really great craft supplies, that are sometimes cheaper then what you find in stores. I love going shopping, but especially if you’re busy, it’s nice to have those markers, or that polymer clay arrive at your doorstep!


9. Fabric.

Fabric is expensive. Like really expensive. But never fear, I have some tips for you!

  • Use coupons.
  • Watch for sales.
  • Shop remnants.
  • Shop clearance.
  • Shop online.

Even with these tips, sometimes, you just have to spend the money!


10. Paints.

I’m sorry if this is news to you but paints are really super expensive. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive though. One tip that I have for this is to look on Amazon, I know I already said this, but I say it again because I want to be specific. I have found most of my paint on Amazon, just because it is inexpensive and good quality.

Best of luck looking for craft supplies! Also, I hope you enjoyed looking at the lilac photography throughout this post! Have a wonderful day my friendsSIGN OFF





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