Art Lab Episode 43

Hello everyone! I’ve got some exciting news!! Art Lab’s back! Make sure to check out The Art Lab every weekend for art inspiration and tutorials!! Today I will be sharing some fun Spring ATC ideas, inspired by the great outdoors!

Here are the ATC’s we will be making today!




Aren’t they cute? Let’s get started!

1. Italian Country Side.

I used an adult coloring book page for my ATC, but you could use a real picture of your house/farm or if you are really creative then you could draw your own.


Cut out the picture (an exact-o knife is very helpful)


Trace the bottom of the picture onto your ATC. (see how mine is “built” on a hill, if yours is like this then you will need to paint the grass parts green and the sky parts blue.


Paint the background of your ATC light blue for the sky


And green for the grass! (I used watercolor paints)


Next carefully color the picture (or if you are using a photo then I will most likely already be colored)


Then glue on the picture to the ATC!


2. Green Grass!

First draw grass like lines on a blank ATC card using a pencil.


Outline the lines with a pen.


I added a scripture verse to my ATC, but of course this is optional.

Ugh, my lettering isn’t the best. XD

Add some color, either with watercolors, or like I used colored pencils!


3. Tree Buds.

Begin by drawing some branch like lines on a blank ATC.


Then outline them with a brown pencil.


Add more details and little twigs to those branches. 🙂


Add the red buds to each branch!



There you have it 3 easy spring ATC ideas! I hope you had fun and have a wonderful (and warm) weekend!


This post originally appeared on The Art Lab.

12 thoughts on “Art Lab Episode 43

  1. Aw these are so neat! And I have come to the conclusion that I am the sole blogger with no ATC making ability. 😦 -Jo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Aww, these are all super easy, I bet if you tried then you’d be better then you think


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