18 Awesome Books that you will LOVE!

Hello everyone! Today I thought it might be fun to put together a book list of some of my favorite books (and simply some other good ones out there) So what are you waiting for? Grab your Library card and go pick up some books!

Note: The books I have listed appropriate for almost all ages, and are mostly Christian (not a lot of bad words or anything)

The Little House series: This is such a great series, it follows the life of Laura Ingalls from the time she was 6 to the time she was married. Laura goes on many great adventures with her family but the best times are when Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and Grace are all gathered around the fire with Pa’s Fiddle! (ages 7+)

Little Women: Another favorite of mine! 4 girls Meg, Jo,  Beth, and Amy, and there mother try to find happiness through poverty, and find the best wealth is the love that their family provides. And all this is staged in the Civil War period. (ages 12+)

The Secret Garden: A young girl discovers a hidden, secret garden and begins to work in it. Between a crying little boy, a caring servant girl and another boy who loves gardens, Mary finds true friendship, and learns to have a caring heart! What could be better? (ages 10+ there is some old English that may be hard to read)

The Penderwick’s Series: Ahh, yet another favorite! The Penderwick family is a fun outgoing and spunky family, who have many adventures (some dangerous, some fun) and learn that being with their family is always best! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants something to laugh at and cry at, maybe at the same time! (ages 10+)

From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler: This is another funny book in which Claudia, and her brother run away to escape suburban life and live freely. They run to an art museum in New York City and find a beautiful statue but the carver is unknown! Read as Claudia makes some of the biggest decisions of her life and solves the mystery! (ages 10+)

The Daring Books for Girls: Oh this is such a great series, rather than an actual sit-down-and read book, this is a book you can pick up at any time and learn something from! From making Peach pit rings to the First Aid, these books have you covered! (ages 9+)

Black Beauty: This is a rather sad story about a horse that is passed from owner to owner and then finally finds its old, nice owner again. I still like it and it is still very interesting! (I know that was a bad summary) (ages 10+)

The Sonrise Stable series: These are some of my sister’s favorite books (she owns the entire series) featuring horses and 2 girls Rosie and Carrie, both sister’s and best friends! Each books relates Rosie and Carrie’s experiences with horses (both bad and good) from trail rides to competitions to camp, these books have everything you could imagine! They are also totally Christian! (ages 8+)

The Samantha American Girl books: I have always loved Samantha from the time I was small. Her stories display what being a true friend means and loving everyone even when they are mean to you! I would definitely look for the older version of the books either on Ebay or at used book story! (ages 8+)

The Molly American Girl books: Again you may have to look on Ebay or at used books stores for this but it is really worth reading. Molly is growing up in the middle of World War Two and these books are great at relating how the war impacted not only adults but also children. If you like the original Molly books make sure to read the Molly mystery’s. (you can easily get the Molly books and Mystery books at the library) (ages 8+ for original books and 10+ for mystery’s)

The Kirsten American Girl books: Another pioneer girl story! Kirsten is growing up on the American Frontier and learning to farm! She enjoys being outside but wishes she were back in Sweden. Again you will need to look on Ebay or at a used book store for these books! (ages 8+)

The Vet Volunteers series: Oh goodness, this is such a series! Meet a group of teens who love animals and rescuing animals! This series began as an American Girl series actually (their was never any doll though) but now is its own series! I really like these books because there is no inappropriate behavior in them, just rescuing and saving animals! (ages 10+)

The Twenty-Four days before Christmas: This is a really fun story about a family who prepares for Christmas by doing something special each day. Whether it is singing songs around the piano or baking Christmas cookies, the family has fun together and reveals what Christmas is really all about! (ages 7+)

Abigail Adams, Witness to a Revolution: This is a book that everyone should read! It gives a woman’s perspective of the American Revolution. This book also contains many of the letters between Abigail and John Adams. It Abigail Adams’ life from when she was small to when she was first lady. (ages 12+)

The Basket of Flowers: (from the lamplighter collection) The Basket of Flowers is a truly amazing book about a girl named Mary who has lost her mother and loves flowers. The  sweet and loving girl gets accused wrongly of stealing and is banished from the kingdom with her elderly father. Read as Mary goes through hardship and joy to discover real character and beauty. This is a book that everyone should read, it display’s such good morals and value! (ages 10+)

Heidi: This is a great novel about a young girl named Heidi, who was orphaned as a baby. She stay’s with her Grandfather who is mean and grumpy. Heidi soon wins his heart and makes friends with the young goatherd Peter. Heidi’s newfound happiness soon comes to an end though, and she is sent to live with a sickly girl named Clara who lives in the city. However Heidi soon becomes homesick and is returned to her Grandfather, happily ever after! (ages 8+)

The We Love to Sew books: (by Annabel Wrigley) All 3 of them are awesome for the beginner who loves to sew! Jam packed with a whole bunch of fun and easy projects, these are all awesome books! They also include great instructions for learning how to sew! (ages 9+)

The American Girl Grace books: I really love all of the Grace books and have read them all many times! In the first book Grace visits Paris for the summer and learns all about running a French Bakery! In the second book Grace returns home and starts a French baking business with her friends. In the third book Grace helps save her grandparents bakery and comes up with some good ideas for her own business as well. I would definitely recommend these books! (ages 8+)

I hope you enjoyed this post! I also want to say that these are all my opinions on the book!

Thanks for reading and have a great first day of November! (gasps, its November already???)






18 thoughts on “18 Awesome Books that you will LOVE!

  1. I will definitely read some of these! Rila of Ingleside is a fantastic book, and so are the Little Britches series! You should check them out – they’re really some of my absolute favorites!

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  2. I’ve read a lot of those, especially the first several, and THEY’RE SO GOOD! Especially the Little House books – that’s one of my favorite series! 🙂 Ooh, I haven’t read The Basket of Flowers, though. I might have to check it out! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think that library’s have it, too bad we don’t live closer so I could just lend it too you 😦


  3. Neat, I’ve read most of these! 😀 I’m going to read the Penderwicks soon, I just found it at a thrift store for 50 cents! Haha! Is it a series, or just the one book? 😉

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