Random Creativity #1

Hello everyone! I have been wanting to show you some crafts and art projects that I have been making lately! I love the idea of Random Creativity because I love sharing my artwork and crafts, and well most of them are, well random. Now going onto the post


I love these little pumpkins! Just so cute!

Such pretty (and tiny) little polymer clay things!

I have also been making some ATC’s!


I really like this little tray that I made with patterned paper, I think it is just so neat!


This is one of my best, I ended up giving to my grandma for her birthday!
One day I just felt like painting something in watercolor, so!
This is probably my most favorite so far, I love ombre things!


So I made up this poem one day and decided it was good enough to put in my sketchbook and decorate. (please excuse the terrible lighting it is raining and this was taken inside) Here are the words incase you can’t read my handwriting:

I Praise You Lord! 

When the sun shines in my Face,

When the blue skies abound with Grace.

I praise you God, I thank you God!


When the rain pours without Cease,

When the wind blows disturbing Peace.

I praise you God, I thank you God!


When life has just Begun,

And then when life is Done.

I praise you God, I thank you God!


I Praise you Lord!


So, what do you think? I actually think that it is more of a prayer then a poem actually!



So here are some watercolor mountains that I just love! We did them in our art book for school and I really love how mine turned out! (again please excuse the terrible lighting) This painting reminds me of driving to Washington D.C.

Well, as you can see I have been making quite a bit of art lately and I hope you enjoyed looking at it.

My blogiversary is coming up on Friday, but I don’t know if I will have the surprise ready yet or not, so it may be a few days late!

Have a great day!

Sign off


26 thoughts on “Random Creativity #1

  1. I loved all of your art, it is beautiful! And your poem, I LOVED it!!! 😀 It’s something I’d enjoy featuring in my magazine, would you be willing to do that? 😀

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  2. I love your poem! Congrats on 100 followers! You’re blog is doing great! I hope I’ll get to 100 followers soon too! 🙂 I just reached 70, so hopefully i’ll have 100 by Christmas!

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