Another Update

Hello everyone! I am super duper excited! I have half of the pages for

DIY Girls Fashion!

Here are the pages that are complete:

Lets Get Started

Basic Craft Supplies 

Mood Boards


Ribbon Flowers

Also! I am really excited that when this new site is completely finished I will be having my first ever giveaway! It will be the ULITMATE fashion package! Stay tuned for more info! (I would tell you what I am giving away but it is a surprise for when the site is done!!)

Hannah 🙂

Note: I have changed my mind about a few things with the new site:

First I will be mostly finished at the end of this month (June 2017)

Second, this site will never be completely finished! I will keep adding new content whenever I get inspired

Third, the giveaway will begin July 1 2017

Fourth, I am hoping to have 3-5 projects on each page before the giveaway


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