7 things you can learn from reading Little Women + Reading Guide

Have you ever read Little Women? If you haven’t then you definitely should! I recently read it and it is amazing. In fact today I’ll be sharing 7 things to take away from Little Women, and a Reading tips Guide that will give tips on keeping you interested, and engaged, plus how to fully enjoy the book!

My Little Women Skit

If you viewed the post Little Women Tea then you will know that this is the skit that I mentioned, I really hope you enjoy it.    everyone-is-gathered-around-the-piano-helen-and-nellie-together-and-jo-and-ruth-together-and-beth-sitting-at-the-piano P.S. I tried to capture each girls personality as I wrote the skit however the parts are not equal. Also for my party I had 7 guests (including myself) who would act. I didn’t want some guests to have to play Marmee  and the aunt so I made cousins who were visiting. The cousins are a bit wealthier then the 4 girls if that helps. If you only have 4 guests at your party you can transfer and delete lines, maybe in the future I could do that for you. Update* here is the new skit with only the 4 girls in it, it follows the same storyline little-women-skit-2  P.P.S. Here is a link to the Little Women Tea post Little Women Tea

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