My Newest Obsession + Something Exciting & I Got A Cricut!?

You guys… I’ve got something I’m SUPER excited to share with you in today’s post! I recently got a Cricut for my small business to start making tshirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, stickers & more!! I’ve been selling scrunchies, masks, keychains and other accessories for a little over a year and now I’m really excited to be expanding my business more! I thought I’d do a little behind the scenes post for you guys with a couple of sneak peaks on the tshirt designs, me making the designs on my Cricut and how you can order the new shirts & sweatshirts today!

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Make a tshirt with me!! This is actually one of the new ones that will be releasing soon! 🙂

First let’s start with the actual designing process! I use mostly Photoshop (sometimes a little bit of Illustrator as well) to create the designs for my shirts. Although it definitely can be a challenge to navigate the adobe products at first, they are so worth it and I love how customizable the design process is!

Once the design is finished I upload it to Cricut Design Space. You can definitely use Design Space to create your designs, but since I already have all of my fonts/ clipart uploaded to Photoshop I’ve stuck with using that program thus far.

Now it’s time to cut the design out with the Cricut! I’ll load in the mat with some heat transfer vinyl and it cuts out the design perfectly every time! It’s super quick and comes out so professionally every time – I love it!

Next we need to get the design actually on our shirt, right!? I’m using the Cricut Easy Press to transfer the vinyl designs onto my tshirts and I’d definitely recommend it! It’s super easy to use and I especially love the timer which is super helpful so I don’t need to set one on my phone or anything. 😉 My only complaint about the Cricut Easy Press is that when you’re transferring a larger design you’ll sometimes have to use the heat press twice because it is12 x 12 square. However other than that it works so well and is super easy to use!

Once my main design is on the shirt, I like to add a little branding to my shirts with this small “striped plaid” graphic. I try to keep a bunch of them on hand to use whenever I need to make a shirt. This helps me save time and also money on vinyl by printing them all out at once. I’ll just transfer it with my Cricut Easy Press just like I did a minute ago with the main design.

After I got the design cut out, transferred and then my branding on the tshirt is ready to be stored in with the rest of my inventory and then shipped out to you guys!

Speaking of which…

Here is the new tshirt collection for this summer! I’m so excited about how these designs turned out and I absolutely love how comfy the Comfort Colors shirts are to wear! Also, stay tuned till the end of this post for a special discount just for my blog readers! ✨

And here’s your promised special discount that nobody else can get except you guys!! Use your code BLOGREADER for 15% off all of the t-shirts + a free sticker included with your order!

I hope you guys enjoyed making a tshirt with me and also you’ll have to let me know any ideas you have for future tshirt designs! 🙂 I’d love to hear what your favorite shirt from the current collection is down below in the comments as well! Have a wonderful day! 😘

❤ Hannah

25 thoughts on “My Newest Obsession + Something Exciting & I Got A Cricut!?

  1. Girlll this is so cool!! I’ve been lately really interested in making things with a cricut… so neat that you shared this!! ❤ I love your tees & your Etsy shop is always adorable! ❤

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    1. Aww, thank so much Hadassah! ❤😘 Yes, making things with a Cricut is super fun! If you do end up getting one and make things I’d love to see them! 😁


  2. I love the sage green flower design t shirt!! So pretty! And, like what Keziah said, you are such an inspiring small business owner!!

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  3. So awesome!! I’ll have to get a cricut someday, that would be so helpful with my card making etc.!
    My favorite t-shirt is the wildflower one; I love the simplicity of it! ❤

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  4. Those shirts are so cool, and very decent prices! I’m not a huge fan of the current collection tbh(just not my style), but I’ll definitely be buying in the future!

    (i really should figure out how to use my silhouette)

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  5. Thanks for making this post, Hannah! I’ve always wondered how owners of small businesses make their shirts! They look amazing!! My favorite is definitely the sage one with flowers out of the pocket! So cute!!

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