Copycat Chocolate Peanut Butter RX Bars

Hey friends! I’m super excited for today’s post and hope you guys will enjoy this recipe! One of my recent favorite snacks have been RX Bars. I love how they have no refined sugar and how they really are healthy rather than just packaged as a healthy snack. The one thing about them is that they’re just so expensive – the cheapest I’ve found them is at around $1.25 per bar (and often more than that). That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it definitely adds up! I’ve been working on a copycat recipe for a while now and I think I’ve finally nailed it – can you tell how excited I am to share this with you guys!?

These lovely bars are kind of a mix between an RX Bar and a brownie – which couldn’t be a better combo in my opinion! They’re soft but firm and still have that almost tacky texture of an RX bar. I’ve also experimented with different add-ins and you can definitely use almond butter and almonds for this recipe if you’d like it to be paleo.

The serving size technically makes 9 bars cut into about the size of an RX bar (a little bigger actually, but pretty much the same & a similar calorie count). However, I usually cut the 8″ x 8″ pan into 12 bars so they last longer. I’ve also found that for me personally, I don’t usually need a full bar for a snack or dessert (and if I do, I always like coming back for seconds 😉). Just experiment with the portion size and see what works for you!

All of the ingredients for these bars can easily be found at pretty much any grocery store as well as on Amazon. The only special equipment that you’ll need is a food processor. These are just an absolute must for making RX bars as well as so many other healthy desserts – I’d highly recommend investing in one if you can! I’ve heard people try to use their blender to make these as well and I can see how that could work if you’re in a pinch – but I’d still definitely recommend the food processor!

So to get started, you’re going to add in your dates which provide a natural sweetener and also are just super good! I used to always be scared of baking with dates, but I promise – you can’t taste them, especially with the chocolate flavor! Next add in your cocoa powder to give these bars a wonderful chocolate flavor which I adore! Also add in your egg whites to pack these bars with protein and to help everything stick together!

I love adding some peanut or almond butter for a little more protein and healthy fat. Make sure that your peanut or almond butter is 100% nuts and no added sugar, oil, etc. It really kind of defeats the purpose of using dates if your nut butter has sugar in it. Here is my favorite peanut butter on Amazon (they have multipacks that are cheaper, but I just linked the listing for one).

Last but not least, I always add a little almond flour to the bars to give them a nice consistency and a more brownie like texture. If you don’t have almond flour, use your food processor (before adding in any other ingredients to it) to grind up the almonds and turn them into flour. I’ve done that before with these bars and they turn out exactly the same as when I use almond flour. Another option would be to add the same amount of oats ground into oat flour if grains are not a problem for you!

Go ahead and blend all the ingredients together for a few minutes! I like to give the food processor a couple of minutes to really process the ingredients and make a smooth and delicious batter. The dates will also take a few minutes to get ground up – make sure there are no date chunks throughout the batter.

If you like chopped nuts or chocolate chips in your bars, then go ahead and fold those in now!

Oh and btw. the batter for these bars is the bomb you guys! It’s like so good… sometimes kind of hard to resist just eating the whole batter. But don’t worry – the bars are worth the wait to bake them! 😉

Spread them into an 8″ x 8″ pan and bake for 20-22 minutes at 350°F

I like eating them both warm (basically straight out of the oven) and chilled in the refrigerator!

Here is my recipe on Whisk – if you make it, please leave some feedback! Happy healthy baking & eating! 🤗

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❤ Hannah

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    1. BTW, I’m an accomplished home chef and routinely create my own recipes, including recipes for protein snacks, date-based bars, granola bars, etc., so this was not a matter of me making errors with the recipe.


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