10 Tips To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Hey guys! Is it just me, or do bedrooms always seem to be sooo small, especially when you’re sharing with a sibling. Things can get a cluttered feel easily. (even if you don’t have a ton of stuff) But there are few tips & tricks you can do to easily make your small bedroom feel SO. MUCH. BIGGER., it’s honestly kind of amazing how much these tips can help!

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1. Add mirrors. Having natural light is so important for making a room feel big and airy. They’re also helpful for creating more depth in the room. Large mirrors do this instantly, and they also end up being useful for doing outfit photos, trying on clothes or simply getting ready in the morning.

2. Paint the walls lighter colors. I know that repainting your room may not be an option for some of you, but if it is, painting the walls a light, neutral shade is a great idea. Avoid dark bold colors for the walls, it’s still okay to have them in the room, but keep them in the accessories. Painting the walls a light, neutral color is really a blank canvas for decorating (and redecorating) the room any way you want.

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3. Limit big, bold prints. Keep those big bold prints and colors to smaller items, like throw pillows or small furniture, rather than the bedspread or the area rug. Too many big, bold prints and colors will make a room feel cluttered quickly.

Bedroom Organization Ideas: Under-bed Storage

4. Create storage under the bed. Many beds have unseen storage underneath them (especially in dorm rooms, if you’re in college), so this is a great way to make extra space, without getting rid of stuff, or it cluttering up your room. This is also great for extra clothes storage, if you have a small closet.

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5. Keep things clean and organized. I know, I know, the obvious right? But seriously, the reason why everyone says it is because it’s just so true. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need, organizing the stuff you do need and cleaning often will make your room feel so much bigger. I mean, who want’s to live in a room where clothes, shoes, homework and just junk are everywhere?

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6. Keep the walls minimally decorated. It’s definitely fun to add polaroid pictures, or to hang a tapestry, but those things can make a room feel even smaller than it already is. Sure, those both give cozy vibes, but unless you have a bigger room, I’d recommend leaving the walls mostly bare. If you still want some decorations, consider something minimal, like fairy lights. Those will add some coziness, but still without cluttering the space.

20 Awesome Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

7. Use light colored bedding. I get it, we all want a gorgeous patterned bedspread and matching bedding, but in a small bedroom, it just doesn’t work well. Using light colored bedding makes the bedroom feel more light, airy and clean!

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8. Go with a low-profile nightstand. Big, bulky nightstands have a way of filling up the room and making it feel even smaller than it already is. Go with a more low-profile nightstand, or stool to visually create more space.


9. Hang your curtains high. This is most definitely a popular tip. and for good reason – it can be super helpful! Hanging your curtains close to the ceiling will draw the eye upward, and make the room feel bigger. Also, go with a solid, lighter color curtain, rather than a patterned one, as this will help the bedroom look even more bright and airy.

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10. Add a large area rug. Adding a large area rug will naturally draw your eye to the outer edge of the rug, which will maximize your floor space. Again, keep the rug as simple as possible to create a cleaner feel!

I hope these tips will be helpful for you guys, I know I always enjoy reading through bedroom renovation/tips posts, then implementing their ideas!

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29 thoughts on “10 Tips To Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

  1. I’m about to get my own room, so it is very useful to know how to decorate it. I really like Monstera leaves, and the boho look. (I actually just did a post about that.)

    – Liberty ❤

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  2. Yasss Hannah!! These tips are perfect. I recently found that cleaning is so important and yes to light colours and minimal wall decor. My closet didn’t come with a closet door so I just leave it open and I feel like it gives the illusion that I have a big room because it adds as a shelf and hanger into the wall (if that make any sense). Love this post!!

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