Yellow & Wildflowers Bullet Journal + BUJO Tips & Ideas

Hey guys! Ahh, I’m so excited for you guys to see this post! I bullet-journaled back in 2017, and a little bit in 2018, but neither attempts were very well setup or organized, and I mostly just copied other people’s BUJO’s that I saw on Pinterest or on other blogs. (heh.) rather than creating a system that worked for me. Anyway, let’s get into it, shall we?

The cover is just plain black, but I wanted a hardcover BUJO this time and the only ones that had good reviews and thick pages (at least that I could find) were black. Besides, I like how you could choose any theme for the inside. I decided on a minimalist, yellow theme with wildflowers. I love how it turned out!

I love how this turned out, minus the “journal” part getting a little messed up. tsk. tsk.

{ My Bullet Journal On Amazon } I’m really happy with this bullet journal, it’s definitely the best in quality that I’ve had. I also love how the pages are thick and not to yellow, but yellow enough. It’s also pretty inexpensive, which is another huge bonus.

The way my bullet journal is set up is with the main pages in the front, then the monthly pages in the back, so the next part of this “tour” is the main pages.

The first page is a “quotes” page, because I love collecting quotes, and it’s a good way to save some of my favorites for my other little blog SP Daily, which you can find here.

The next page is a “song journal” the youth director at our church was sharing how she had a song journal where she recorded her latest favorite song, along with the date. She said she really enjoyed doing it, so I decided to try it out and make it a part of my bullet journal.

I love the idea of having a “15 minute tasks” page. It’s kind of like a list of “what productive things to do for 15 minutes when you’re bored” but it’s actually been quite helpful so far. It’s also a good list for when you need a break from working or school, but can’t take too long off!

Annnd, of course a book page. It’s not all that creative, but it’s quite functional, which I like. 😉

I saw this idea of a “things to do more often” page on Pinterest, and I liked the visual effect of it. It kind of adds a pop of colors to the journal. I can’t wait to fill it up!

You probably can’t see it very well, but I really love how this spread turned out. It’s so minimalist and refreshing to look at. Basically there are daily cleaning tasks, weekly, monthly and bi-monthly. I didn’t put a tracker because I typically remember to do these things anyway, and I thought it would be kind of annoying to re-draw this every month.

And a nice clean “thoughts” page. It’s kind of nice to look at clean bullet journal pages, don’t you think?

And the cover for my “outfits” pages, I love how the “outfit” part of this page turned out. 🙂

This might be my favorite page in my bullet journal. I love how it turned out! I could probably fill up journals and journals with outfit ideas like this. 🙈

Annd of course, if we have outfit ideas we need a shopping list, amiright?

Guysss, this one took so long. But I am pretty much happy with how it turned out. I love the color coding and the boxes. I kind of combined a few ideas I saw on Pinterest. 😉

I really don’t do much with my hair, but it’s something I’m really hoping to do more of. I couldn’t find many ideas that I thought would actually work, but I did find a few, and will probably eventually find more. 😉

I like the gold background effect, but the “sweet September” part turned out a little wonky.

Now moving on to the monthly part of the journal. I wanted to keep the this month’s spread pretty minimalist – maybe I’ll do more next month with it or maybe not. We shall see.

And this month’s goals and calendar. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I do more than just what’s on this calendar. I only put on there the things I tend to easily forget, because there wasn’t enough space for everything else. 😛

I really like how this page turned out. The habit tracker didn’t fit on one page, so I just did it like this, then added the finances page to combine it. I like how the “finances” section turned out as well.

Annnd to wrap it up just a basic daily spread. I’ve done it fancier and less fancy than this, but I guess that’s what I felt like doing that day, so.

I hope you guys enjoyed “touring” my bullet journal with me. I thought to wrap up the post I’d share 3 of my favorite (and most helpful ;)) bullet journaling tips:

Tip #1: Invest in a bullet journal with thick pages.

Guys, if you’ve ever had a bullet journal with thin pages, you’ll know what I mean. It’s so annoying when your pen bleeds through the paper, then you can’t use the back and UGH it just becomes a mess. It’s definitely worth the extra cost to get one with thicker pages.

Tip #2: Don’t make it too complicated.

Let’s be real for a minute: Are you realistically going to spend 45 minutes or an hour bullet journaling every. single. day? I know I certainly will stop after the first few days if I did this. I aim for about 10-15 minutes every day, which works for me, which leads into the next tip…

Tip #3: Make it work for you!

I think this is why bullet journaling never worked for me in the past. It’s because I was always copying exactly what people on Pinterest or other bloggers did. The thing is the people are living different lives with different needs that I am. Now I’m not saying that you can’t get ideas from other people, or anything like that. (I love pulling ideas from different places) But I am saying to make sure your system is working for you. 😉

I hope you guys enjoyed “touring” my bullet journal with me, and also the tips. If you’d like to see more bullet journaling posts in the future, let me know in the comments below! 🙂

💙 Hannah

33 thoughts on “Yellow & Wildflowers Bullet Journal + BUJO Tips & Ideas

  1. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous! I ❤ your stuff! If you check my most recent post on my blog, I gave you a shoutout because you are so amazing! I love the aesthetic to it and basically – I AM A FAN. Go Hannah!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀

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  2. Ohh! I LOVE your BUJO! *heart eyes* I dont think I would have enough patience to do that every day, but I love seeing other people doing them! XD I would love to see more posts about your bullet journal! 🙂 I think my favorite page is the birthday page! 😀 Awesome post! 🙂

    -Laura ❤ 🙂

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  3. Loved this, Hannah!! After reading this, I really want to do one! Since I’ve never done one, do you have any tips that you didn’t mention for beginners? Thanks!

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  4. I’ve tried bullet-journaling before and now I think I’m ready to try again. I’ve always had too many different ideas and been to ambitious with it, as well as like you I was prone to copying everyone else’s layouts. Maybe this time I’ll do it my way instead! 🙂

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  5. i absolutely loved this post! the washi tape, wildflower theme was so minimal and such a cute idea. as someone who bullet journals, i completely agree with all of your tips! it took me a while to finally come up with layouts that work for me, and i think that’s one of the most important things when starting to bullet journal. amazing post, hannah! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sydney! YES, it can be so tricky sometimes, but BUJO’s work so much better when you have them set up for your needs and such. 😉 Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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