My Favorite Etsy Finds

Hey guys! I absolutely love shopping on Etsy, it’s such a neat way to find unique products and one of a kind gifts – which I love! I also love that the majority of products on Etsy are handmade, and handpackaged. I went through my (gigantic) “favorites” list and picked a few I thought you guys would enjoy seeing.

image 0

I absolutely love boho style decor, and this Neutral Boho Blush Wallhanging is definitely on point! I love how it would look good in a farmhouse style, or a classy style room / area.

image 0

I’m such a sweatshirt junki, I get on repeat of wearing my favorites (yes, even in the summer) This Homebody sweatshirt is so cute and I feel like it would go with everything.

image 0

This chunky knit wool blanket is something that I’ve been wanting for a while, the problem is that in order to get one that would actually be large enough it’s $$$($) which I really don’t have for a blanket.

image 0

I absolutely love this mason jar flower sticker! I think it’d look so cute on a laptop, binder, or kraft paper envelope!

image 0

Aren’t these just so gorgeous?! I love the rose gold and the personalize touch!

image 0

I love the message of this sweatshirt. I also love the color. It would go so well with jeans, shorts or even sweats.

image 0

Have you started noticing a theme in this list of favorites? All the rose gold?
These earrings are so pretty, and I really only have one other pair of drops that I wear regularly.

image 0

Yes, another sweatshirt. I just couldn’t resist though, isn’t this “Brunette” sweatshirt so cute? I love the color too!

image 0

This is so true^^ XD I’ve had my eye on these “I have nothing to wear” t-shirts for a while now. XD

image 1

I’ve started collecting pins on my camera strap, for a fun decorative touch. I’d absolutely love to add this one!

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and make sure to let me know what’s on your wishlist and if you ❤ Etsy too!

💙 Hannah

16 thoughts on “My Favorite Etsy Finds

  1. These sweatshirts. *sniffs proudly* I really love graphic designed shirts XD But alas, anything of that kind can only be at the thrift store 50% sales. Which I don’t mind at all. 😀

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  2. Ahhhh!! These are all amazing! I also love wearing sweatshirts in the summer! XD This was such a fun post! 😀 That big blanket looks soooo awesome! And I really like the sticker!

    -Laura ❤ 😉

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  3. BELIEVE ME, I love Etsy! I frequently turn to the digital downloads when I’m making my paper craft projects – especially my Halloween ATBs (artist trading blocks). As a shop owner THANK YOU for giving such a great shout out for Etsy – yeahhhh!


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