Neutral Color Vibes // Fall Photoshoot

Hey guys! I’m so excited to show you guys this photoshoot, it’s one of my favorites that my sister and I have done together and I absolutely love how it turned out. We live on the edge of a corn field and I’d been wanting to do a photoshoot with it before the farmer cut it down, so the other day I finally got the chance – and I also took my sister along which equals photos of me too (not just of corn)**

So anyway, enough about that, I hope you enjoy these! 🙂

**I can do photos with self timer, but I don’t have a tripod (yet) so I can only do them when I can find a ledge to put my camera on, and the corn field didn’t have any. XD

Let’s start with one of my favorites:

Also, the ones of me are all by my sister.

I love how my tan coat looks against the corn.


I think this one and the first one are my favorites of the ones my sister took of me. Also, if you’re wondering, I did get my ears pierced. 😉






Which picture was your favorite?

Now for some I took of my sister.

She isn’t really a neutral person. So she wore her neon purple Under Armour sweatshirt and basic jeans and tennis shoes. I guess you could say we kind of have two extremes of style. Although I do wear sporty clothes sometimes, and she does wear more dressy clothes occasionally.

It’s almost sort of funny because we still borrow each others clothes despite our rather extreme differences in style. Mostly I borrow her sweaters and boots and she borrows my Nike t-shirts and gym shorts. It works, most of the time…. And I will say that I am wearing joggers right now, but it is Saturday night is 9:32 so… XD



This is her favorite – and I can see why. XD I like it too!
I was trying something a little different here, so apologies if this made you dizzy. XD



I wasn’t going to include this one, because I think the flash ind of washed out her face. But she wanted me to include it. 😉

I love posting photo-shoots like this and am hopefully going to be posting a fairy light one soon! 🙂


P.S. What do you guys think of the new design? I personally love how it looks – those colors are currently some of my favorites! 😀


44 thoughts on “Neutral Color Vibes // Fall Photoshoot

  1. YOU. GUYS. ARE. ADORABLE. i so agree this is one of your best photoshoots, i mean i’m so impressed 🤗 *applauds* it’s interesting seeing you and your sister in different styles, especially since yall look so similar. both are amazing, by the way 💙 ahhh!! great post, love!

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  2. I’m glad you love posting photoshoots, because I love seeing them! This one was LOVELY, dear, and so beautiful. ❤ I love the way your coat looks with the corn too, although your sister's shirt is a fun pop of color. 🙂
    My favorites? Yikes, this is hard. This one might be my favorite of you:

    I think my favorite of your sister is her favorite – it's super cute! I also like the one before it.
    P. S. Your hairstyle is so cute, Hannah, and congratulations on getting your ears pierced! 😀

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  3. I love those pics! Your outfit is really nice, and it fits with the backgrounds perfectly!
    And I also really like the pics you took of your sister! I really like the 2nd and the 3rd one!

    Yess!!! I love how fall-y (xD) the color scheme is! Great job!

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  4. So cute Hannah! Love the colors! 🙂 I’m a little bit of both of you… I usually am dressed kinda nice, but my colors are usually more bold that yours!! (But yours are super cute! ❤ ) Great photos, love how the ones of your sister turned out… I like how you played with the focus of it too! 🙂

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  5. I LOVE these, Hannah! Girl, you’re SO pretty. Oh, and I love neutrals too. Anyway, I think my favorite of you is either the first one or Allison’s favorite and congrats on getting your ears pierced!

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