April Wrap-Up



Ahem, since today is the 30th of April I thought it would only be appropriate to post this month’s wrap up post. And on top of all that, I’ll be listing some goals for May! Let’s get started!

-What I intended to do this month-

(taken from this post)

I will be writing in red if I failed. If I succeeded then I will be writing in green.

  • Keep up reading! 
  • Get back to exercise.
  • Take a lot of springy photos.
  • Write more letters to my friends/penpals.
  • Drink at least 5 cups of water a day!
  • Make a lot of art!
  • Reach 300 followers.

-What I did-

  • Took lots of pictures!
  • Fell off the wagon with exercising.
  • Started Bullet Journaling.
  • Organized a lot.
  • Made a lot of ATC’s and Envelope Art.
  • Read only like 2 books. (HELP ME)
  • Started my first novel.
  • Started S&S Photography
  • Began SIL Photography Challenge.
  • Went to see Hillsong!

And that’s my month in a nutshell~!


I don’t get to post photography on here much anymore so this will (hopefully) be fun! And also, these aren’t all the photos I took, just a few of my favorites!




Photo credit to my friend Ellie.
Photo credit to my friend Ellie.



My friend Anna’s dog Tilda who has since had a haircut! 😉

I hope you enjoyed seeing those! For more of my photos click here.


I really love this brand of cards, washi tape, and other fun paper crafting items.
Click here to check it out!


I really love this Bullet Journal! The pages are awesome and it’s super inexpensive!
Click here to check it out!


Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post. I personally just enjoy the above items and thought you might too! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed looking at those!

-Favorite Posts From Around The Blogosphere-

There were some really gorgeous photos in this post!

This Pen-Pal Binder is such an awesome idea!!

Gaby and I did a fun collab this month!

This was such a pretty photoshoot!

-Looking Into May-

Yay! May *might* be my favorite month, so of course I’m super excited!!


  • Get to at least Chapter 10 on my Novel. (I’ll hopefully be doing a post soon) 🙂
  • Read 10 Books.
  • Exercise 12 times.
  • No snacking, except on the weekend. (literally I’m bad at this, I have one handful of corn chips, then it turns to 5)
  • Run 3 miles.
  • Take a Tea Party photoshoot.
  • Take lots of photos.
  • Go swimming on Memorial Day.
  • Bullet Journal all month.
  • Finish School!

Wow, those are a lot of goals, but I really hope I can achieve all of them! 😉

 How was your month?

Are you excited for much warmer weather? (hopefully)

What was your favorite part of this month?

Enjoyed this post? I’ll bet you’d like to see my other monthly wrap-ups!

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Have a wonderful day!!


P.S. What do you think of the new featured image style? What about the design? I think it looks more clean and professional, what about you?

19 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. Hey Hannah!
    If you ever need a new bullet journal, I highly recommend the dot grid journal at Micheal’s. It’s 5 bucks and comes in so many colors! I’m using that right now and I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, that does sound nice! Unfortunately I don’t have a Michaels in my town, but maybe they have it online……


  2. Great post! 😊 This was fun to read!!! The photos you took were really pretty! Great job! My month was good…and BUSY, haha! 😛 I AM excited for warmer weather! 😂 It’s supposed to be 85 degrees on Thursday! Yayyy!!! My favorite part about this month was the warmer weather, photography opportunities, and two birthdays to celabrate. Thank you so much for including my post! I’m glad you liked it! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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