{My New Photography Blog}

YESSSSS!!! I’m so excited to finally be announcing this, (even though a few of you have already seen it). So you’re probably wondering what this is about anyway. Ahem, I started Sweet N’ Simple Photography to have another place to share my photos! I still love posting on here and am not leaving or anything, I just feel like Crafts of all Seasons is more about crafts/art and lifestyle. So lo and behold I present Sweet N’ Simple Photography. Let’s learn a little more about it!


Click on the photo to be taken to the site.



-Behind the name-

I’ve always run blogs with confusing names. I’ve had people say, “Crafts of all Seasons, oh so you post different crafts every season?” Nope, sorry folks it’s a lifestyle and DIY blog. Anyway, that’s a different story. XD

I was originally going to name it Little Things Photography, but those names were already taken, so I decided on Sweet N’ Simple Photography or S&S Photography for short.

I chose this name because I believe that God gives us simple yet sweet and very beautiful things and I want to capture them! Whether it’s a sweet little girls personality or a simple little flower growing along side the sidewalk, I love those things!



I will mainly be posting my photos, along with photography tips, and occasionally  lens/camera reviews.

I will try to alternate between portrait photography and nature photography, but we’ll see how that goes. XD 😉


I hope you guys will check out S&S Photography! Thanks so much for reading!

Also, I have about 9 people signed up for my Photography Challenge which equals 3 people per team. I could probably make that work, but it would be nice to have at least 4-5 people per team!  If you are thinking of signing up then make sure to do it soon! 🙂

blue flower sign off

P.S. Sorry for such a short post. I was originally going to post about my bullet journal but I’m not ready to take the pics! I’ll hopefully have that post up soon!

21 thoughts on “{My New Photography Blog}

  1. Oooohhh! A bullet journal post coming soon? *so excited* Btw, followed the new blog 😉
    Another thought…would you like to do a collab post on bullet journalling in the near future?

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    1. Thank you! Sure, I’ve been hoping to do a collab with another blogger and that sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll email you in the morning or you can email me! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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