Wrapping up March!

Hello! I can’t believe that March is like almost over! What happened? Since today is (almost) the end of March, what better way to celebrate mourn,  then to show you some of my photos, favorite items, fav posts and more from March!

-What I did-

  • I read Little Women — the full version! It took around 2 weeks and I just finished it!
  • Lots of gorgeous sunsets.
  • Photoshoots with both of my sisters.
  • Lots of sewing projects.
  • Exercising only 10 times. (WHAT)
  • Getting a well-needed haircut.
  • Designing my own Freebies.
  • Playing a lot of basketball.
  • Keeping up with school. (yay spring break)
  • I finally have a desk in my room!! I love it so much and it is perfect for all my projects! (thanks dad)

And there is just a little taste of my month! 🙂


I took a lot of gorgeous photos this past month and I’m super excited to show you! 🙂

I’ll start with probably my absolute favorite. XD


Another favorite.


I love this one of my sister……


This one too!


This one is a tad more wintery, but I love the quality! 😉


This picture is my favorite sunset one I’ve taken! It is just so gorgeous and I love the silhouette of the trees!


My youngest sister, isn’t this gorgeous?


So pretty…….


And last but not least, this pretty photo! 🙂


I know you’ve probably seen most of that photography, but I still thought it would be nice to show my favorites!


I’ve decided to add a new section to these monthly wrap-up posts, my favorites. Basically a few of my favorite outfits, accessories, Etsy shops, craft supplies etc.


Polyform Premo Clay Sampler Pack, Assorted Colors, 24-Pack

I tried out this different polymer clay brand and I love it so much better than what I had. It’s a lot stronger, and only a little more expensive! See the Amazon listing here.


My mom gave me this gorgeous necklace from Pink Salt Riot unfortunately I can’t find the listing for it, but I can show you this gorgeous ring with the same lettering/quote! Check out the ring here.

This month I bought a Wreck This Journal! It’s really fun and I love being creative with it! Would you like to see a post with more details? Also, check out the Amazon listing here.

A Horse for Kate (Horses and Friends Book 1) Silver Spurs (Horses and Friends Book 2) Mystery Rider (Horses and Friends Book 3) Blue Ribbon Trail Ride (Horses and Friends Book 4) Rebel Horse Rescue: A Horse-Lovers' Adventure/Mystery (Horses and Friends Book 5)

The Horse’s and Friends series by Miralee Ferrell, is a super great series that all girls 8-13 should totally read! The books are based on Kate, the new girl, and her friends Tori, Colt and Melissa, who all love horses and Jesus! I appreciate how these books aren’t about the popular kids in school (as tween/teen books usually are) however these books are based on the new girl, the homeschooled kid, the girl whose friends ditched her, and the girl who has a small house. Make sure to check this series out, available at the library and on Amazon!

Ahh, I had quite a few favorites this month, and I hope I didn’t tempt you too much! XD

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post. I personally just enjoy the above items and thought you might too! 🙂

-Favorite posts from around the Blogosphere- 

The Whispering Of The Creek by Rebekah

Make sure to check out these free pintables by Megan!

Awesome Gifts for Bloggers by Abby

Check out these awesome party ideas by Rebecca

Those were just a few of my favorites! 🙂

-Looking Into April-

I still can’t believe it is almost April, guys we’re 3 almost 4 months into 2018! Isn’t that crazy? Anyway, bye March, hi April.

Also, for my posting schedule I’m liking no schedule. It’s more relaxing and I don’t have to worry about getting my post out on time. (like tonight for example) and I’ve been posting more this month then when I had a posting schedule, so………….that equals a……….win-win situation. 🙂


  • Keep up reading!
  • Get back to exercise.
  • Take a lot of springy photos.
  • Write more letters to my friends/penpals. (sorry guys, I’ve been neglecting you)
  • Drink at least 5 cups of water a day!
  • Make a lot of art!
  • Reaching 300 followers on here and hosting a giveaway.

How was your March? Mine was pretty productive, especially with reading!

Also while you’re here I have a little confession to make, so I could think up a billion other excuses, but I’ll tell you the truth. I didn’t post the art section because I made a ton of things this month and don’t feel like getting them all out and taking pictures of them tonight. Sorry, but I promise to have a “Random Creativity” soon and post tons of art/crafts in that! 😉

Have a wonderful rest of the week and just a little spoiler, the next post has something to do with eggs and egg die. Can you guess what it is?

How was your March?

Does it ever feel like to do one thing well you have to drop something else?

Do you enjoy these type posts?

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31 thoughts on “Wrapping up March!

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, it took me about 2 weeks to read, and I was really focusing on it! 🙂 I totally think it was worth it, and actually I’m hoping to do a post on it soon! 🙂 What chapter are you on?


  1. I love monthly wrap ups, Hannah! This post was so fun to read. 🙂
    Oh yes, I’ve read Little Women too and I love it!
    Aww, those photos of your sisters are so cute! ❤
    YES Premo clay is the best. *nods* XD It's strong but still easily manipulated. Ooh, I'd love to see a Wreck This Journal post! I don't have one but I want to add it to my birthday list. 😉
    Once again, I really enjoyed this post, dear!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing March! I love Little Women! What are your thoughts on it?
    I’m so happy for April and for spring weather to finally start happening xD

    Liked by 2 people

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