A Typical Day In The Life of Me!

Hey. Hi. Hello. You guys seemed to really enjoy my last “about me” post so I thought I would do another one of a slightly different sort! Today I will be sharing what a typical day is like for me, from when I get out of bed, to when I go back into bed

When I first wake up I usually decide whether I’m going to get dressed before breakfast and prayer or after. What I decide depends on two things: If I’m going anywhere that morning or if someone is coming over and my tiredness level. XD

I look a little tired here………

Then I go down to prayers, and after that there is breakfast, today that happens to be eggs and toast.


Next I go do school, I usually start with Math then move on to Foreign Language, then to Reading, Language Arts and Writing. After that I usually blog for a little bit if I have time.

Sorry for the horrible picture, this is the only picture I have of my computer station. XD

Next I go either do chores and/or watch my baby brothers.


Piano practice comes after that, which is usually pretty good unless I have something really hard to work on. (then it is challenging) XD


After the morning activity’s, comes lunch and recess. Today we are eating peanut butter and jelly.


During recess I usually blog, exercise, ride my bike or read. Or do a mixture of those things.


I wanted to try taking some silhouette pictures of my sister and she obliged while she was cleaning up from lunch. I think the above one turned out very nicely!

We have more school to do after recess, (History, Geography, Religion, Science, Art).


We are now free to do pretty much whatever we want, or if we have some activity that evening or afternoon of course we do that.


In the afternoon’s is when I usually do art, blogging, baking, and photography. That is when I don’t have something else to do.


Then we eat supper, which I don’t have a picture of, but anyway. After that we usually have some fun time, (movie’s, party’s, shopping, etc.) And then we go to bed.

And that my friends is a typical day in my life. Also sorry for the nonrelated photos at the end! I just thought it would be nice to show you guys!

What is a typical day like for you?

Can you relate to any parts of my day?

What do you do in your free time?

blue flower sign off

P.S. Sorry for the short-ish post, I have a rather busy week. And I was going to do an art post today, but the pictures didn’t turn out and I didn’t have enough time to re-take them. This post was already a draft so I thought, oh I’ll just post  that today. XD

P.P.S. Thanks for reading my rant. XD

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