Spreading Advent Joy!

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share an idea that my family found a few years ago and has enjoyed ever since. We actually found it in an Advent devotional about how to think of others for Christmas, rather than just ourselves.


Basically every year around the middle of November we choose a person who maybe needs some encouragement or joy this holiday season. Perhaps they have lost a loved one or just need some joy!


Once our family has voted and the final decision made we start thinking of the gifts we need to prepare. Of course different people will like different things, (elderly men, elderly women, young women, young men) will all like different things. There are a few that everyone likes though such as gum, mints, chocolate etc.





I was so excited that I actually got to make the stocking that we put everything in, as in past years we have always just bought one. I think that the person who we are giving it too will really appreciate it being handmade. (not that I am trying to toot my horn)


Basically all you need to do is find (or make) a stocking (or use a nice basket if you think that your person would like it better) And fill it with inexpensive gifts and such (look at the dollar store) Don’t forget to wrap the gifts as well! You will need 25 gifts, as you will be delivering it in person on the first of December. I think it really would mean a lot if the whole family could be their to deliver it, no matter how busy you all are.




I hope you had fun reading this and maybe you even will do it! It has really become a fun Christmas tradition with our family and I hope that maybe you will do it as well!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

23 thoughts on “Spreading Advent Joy!

  1. That is such a wonderful idea, I know whoever you give it to will be so blessed! πŸ˜€ You should post a picture of the stocking you made, I’d love to see it! πŸ˜€

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