Paint and Pens #11

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make these super cute pumpkins! I just love how they turned out! IMG_4606



Note: The brand/type of clay that I am using I called Sculpey 3, found at Hobby Lobby or on Amazon

You will need orange clay, green clay, and tan clay to make the pumpkins. (you can also experiment to find your perfect orange by adding white or tan clay to the orange before shaping)

Using your orange clay, make a ball (mine is about 3/4 inch)


Flatten one side of the clay with a pressing tool.


Take a dowel rod ( 1/4 inch) and stick it into the center of the clay to make a slight indent.



I actually like the look of a few fingerprints in this project, I think it makes the pumpkin look more realistic!

Now, using a toothpick gently drag lines along the sides of the pumpkin


Now take some green clay and some tan clay and mix it!


As you can see (above) I shaped it into a little stem for the pumpkin.

Gently insert the stem into the pumpkin.

Bake as the clay package directs!

Here is the finished project:

(I glazed my finished project to make it stronger and look more professional)


I hope you enjoyed!

Sign off

P.S. What do you think of my new profile picture? Do you like it?

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