Opera cakes, pictures and polymer clay!

Hello everyone! (hey I’m finally getting better at making titles) So this is basically 3 short posts combined into 1 long post! 

Lets start with the opera cake! So my sister (11 as of Monday) saw some really beautiful opera cakes in a movie and wanted to have them for her birthday.  They decided to make 3 cakes as we were inviting both sides of grandparents, plus Aunts, Uncles and cousins. And my sister so graciously invited me to help with one of them 🙂 I was most delighted and it turned out to be a very fun experience!

Here are a few more pictures from her party:

If you would like, you can wish my sister a happy birthday by clicking here

Next up, PICTURES!!!!!


Which is the best picture #1 + New category!!!

So here is the winner for category #1


















Yay! Number 2 is the winner! Ready for the next category?






Here are your pictures:





Sunset #4


Sunset #4

Don’t forget to vote:

Also, I wanted to say that it is getting to be more of a burden to post the, “Which is the best picture” category’s and posts so often. Stats are showing that my readers really like posts like this so I am not going to quit them! However, I will just be posting a new category every month 🙂 So on Nov. 18 I will post the next category!



Ok, time for the last subject in this post…..Polymer Clay!

I am using Sculpey 3, found at Hobby Lobby.

Sorry for the sort of bad quality photo


Here are a few of the things I have made so far:


This super beautiful rose necklace


Doughnuts (I’m hungry)




Ohhh! These pencils are my favorites! I just love them!


Didn’t they just turn out so cute! (I think so)


I love this photo!!! 🙂


I also made these super adorable pumpkins (you will see how to make them in another post)


I hope you enjoyed seeing my clay things!!!

Also, be sure to check out Allison’s Giveaway she is giving away a ton of cool things, so be sure to check it out

Have an awesome day!

Sign off


16 thoughts on “Opera cakes, pictures and polymer clay!

  1. Ooh, those cakes looked DELICIOUS! 😛 And what a pretty party! I voted for the best picture, and also, your Polymer clay creations look so neat! I think it would be fun to try that, is it hard? You’re right, those pencils are cute, and I love the picture of them that’s your favorite! 😀 Tell your sister Happy Birthday for me! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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