Paint and Pens #7

Hello everyone! Are you excited for the first episode of Fall Fiesta?

Well here it is:

Hello everyone! Welcome to a Fall Fiesta! Today we are going to make some super cute paper mums and dahlias! 

Note: Please Prepare some different colors of cardstock, scissors, glue and this template

Let’s start with some flowers!IMG_3499

Begin by tracing and cutting out 3 paper flowers (you can use the rounded tip ones or the pointed tip ones, just make sure that you have 3 that look exactly alike!)

Next, take a pencil and curl each petal of all 3 flowers around it.



Now rub a little glue on one of the flowers in the center.


Stick another flower to the glued flower


Do the same with the third flower


Now you have a very beautiful flower! Make some more!

Here is an example of a rounded tip flower:



I also made some leafs for the flowers:

Just use the template to trace and cut them out!

You can glue them to the leafs to make cute, simple and easy crafts!



I hope you liked the first episode! Next week we are going to make some really cute fabric pumpkins! But as always I wanted it to be simple for the first week 🙂

What are your thougts

Did you enjoy this first episode?

Are you excited for next week?

Will you make some paper flowers?



27 thoughts on “Paint and Pens #7

  1. I love this!! I might make the flowers. I am super excited for next week’s craft! These crafts would be a good way to decorate houses for fall! You are really creative!

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    1. Aww, I am glad you like it. I don’t even know what all episodes are going to be yet. But next week is pumpkins. And the week after that might be like candle holders or something. 🙂

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  2. Hi Hannah! This is ADORABLE!!! They’re so pretty! I really like the green one! You are a really good crafter. I have a hard time coming up with ideas. XD Also, awhile back you said you couldn’t follow my blog. Actually you can! It is kinda hidden though, so I completely understand. When you put your cursor over the about page the subscribe page should pop down. Here is a direct link in case:

    Sorry for the trouble,

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