The Kindness rock project!

Hello everyone! I recently saw a blog post on talking about kindness rocks. Basically, these are simple rocks (or little notes) that you paint a symbol (or draw one) (such as a heart for love) then hide throughout your neighborhood/town/community. Here are some rocks that I have made:








You may know that I have about 60 followers right now. If every one of my followers made a rock or two then there would be about 100 acts of love spread throughout our world! More people would catch on, if someone see someone else doing something good for others then generally they want to help too.

Maybe someone who has cancer will find my rock and be encouraged!

Maybe a girl who just lost her mother will find my rock and feel God’s love!

Maybe a man whose wife just died will find my rock on his way to work and know that God loves him!

Aren’t those just wonderful thoughts! You can make a difference in our world!

Will You Join Me?

Make a rock or two today and spread God’s love!

Also, please please please share this post, reblog it, link it back from your blog, share it on social media

If anyone makes a rock then please comment below with a heart! I hope I have inspired you!

What are your thougts

Are you going to make a rock?

Have you heard of kindness rocks?

Will you share this post on your blog?

Have you ever found a kindness rock?


21 thoughts on “The Kindness rock project!

  1. I will definitely make a rock! I have a family member who would really like it and need it. I love being kind to people! I will try to post the rocks that I will make!

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