I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!! +Huge Photo Dump!


Hello everyone! Are you ready for a gigantic photo dump! I hope so!

Here it is:

We went to the National Zoo!

It was kind of rainy the day we went so no one was there, we basically got an entire zoo to ourselves!

We also went to the National History Museum, it was pretty fun🙂 We got to see how people made chocolate in the colonial era.

When people made chocolate back then it was a drink, not a bar. The people would grate a block of unsweetened chocolate into warm milk. They usually added some sweetener like sugar. This was a common drink at teatime!

Here is our cabin:

I really enjoyed staying in it!

We went to the National Natural History Museum, this was my favorite museum that we went to, they had a rock and gem collection that was really fun!

We went to Annapolis one evening and enjoyed some time on the harbor! It was really beautiful that evening!

While we were in Annapolis we decided to go to a very…..well………interesting restaurant, I mean they had fried chicken, crab cakes, and burgers– normal food, but they also had raw oysters, I know, I know making faces already, weelll look at my experience:

IMG_2925IMG_2926IMG_2928IMG_2930Thank goodness for Sprite! I drank a lot of liquids to get that taste out of my mouth!

I still remember that taste…………………………………………………………….

On our way back from Washington D.C. we decided to stop at Gettysburg! It was really fun here are a few pictures:


One other thing we did was walk through the mall, Washington’s mall is not your ordinary shopping mall, no it is filled with monuments!

Here are some pics (mostly of the Washington Monument




I hope you enjoyed my pictures!

38 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!! +Huge Photo Dump!

    1. Um, I don’t really like them, I got to see a few at the natural history museum and they were a little weird! 🙂
      I also saw fossils at the natural history museum but I didn’t really like those either so I didn’t take photos of them!

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  1. Hi Hannah! Looks like you had a good time on your vacation! I loved the pics you took! There were a lot of animals at the zoo! Wow!! The Washington monument is soooooo tall!!

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  2. I don’t like mummies…they creep me out! Does an over 3000 year old dead body covered in suspicious looking bandages with it’s brain removed not strike you as creepy?

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  3. Hehe, so does my brother. My brother wanted to go to the fossils room, (he’s eighteen BTW) and we had to go into the mummy room. I have a holy terror of mummies, so he had to cover my eyes and drag me to the fossils room. 🙄

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  4. AWW PANDAS! They are so cute! 😀 Also the rock and gem museum looks really neat, and the raw oysters sound GROSS. Blech, I don’t even like cooked oysters that much. :/ It looks like a fun trip!

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    1. Thank you! It was really fun and yes the cooked oysters were REALLY REALLY REALLY GROSS!
      I wish I could buy one of your bunny’s 😦


  5. Hey Hannah!
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