Washington D.C.

Hello everyone! I will be in Washington D.C. for the week! I am very excited! (and yes I know I just got back from camp)

We are going to a lot of museums and the zoo a couple of times I think. (I really hope I get to see the aquarium!)

We will also get to see the American History Museum! I am very excited to see that because I LOVE history!

The national Air and Space Museum sounds like a lot of fun! My dad said that they have a real rocket in there!

We also hope that we get to see where the government makes money! I think that will be a lot of fun if we get to go!


Anyway………………… I have a few scheduled posts for when I am gone, and I will still check comments when I can. I will look at your blogs as well whenever I can!


I will miss you! I leave early tomorrow morning!

17 thoughts on “Washington D.C.

  1. Have tons of fun! I just went to D.C. Last week and it is GORGEOUS. You should go to the International Spy Museum! It was funny, because when I went there were lots of little duckling in the Reflecting Pool, so I enjoyed the ducks more than the Washington Monument.

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    1. Haha! I will mention the International Spy Museum to my mom (our official trip planner)
      Did you go to the American History Museum?

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  2. Your welcome! Don’t get me wrong – the museum you’re going to is AWESOME! They have the HOPE DIAMOND.


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