Grace’s Birthday Photostory!

Hello everyone! Today is Grace’s 2nd 12th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grace!

2 years ago (around today) my family was going on vacation! My parents decided to take my sister and I to the American Girl Store (which happened to be just a little bit out of the way to our vacation spot) I had so much fun that day!

And now for your photostory:


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Grace! Happy Birthday to you!


Cute boots!


Lovely Bracelet!


Pretty bow!


Gorgeous earrings!

And now for Grace’s Presents!


“A bouquet of flowers! How lovely! Thank You!”


“What a pretty necklace! Thank you Josh!”




“Ohhhh! My favorite cookies! Thank you grandma and grandpa!”


“And Macrons!”




“Hmmmmm, it looks like a dress box!”


“OH! How lovely! Thank you mom and dad!


“What a pretty T-shirt! Thanks again mom and dad!”


Happy Birthday Grace!

Did you like Grace’s Birthday photoshoot? I hope so! It was supposed to be outdoors but it rained today 😦

















15 thoughts on “Grace’s Birthday Photostory!

  1. Wait, are those cookies real, cuz’ if they are, who’s gonna eat ’em. I mean you wouldn’t those cookies to go to waste, that’s rule number one in the book of Cookie Monster Laws.

    Also Grace such a cute dress. Also did buy the necklace or someone made it? Cuz it SO CUTE!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! No the cookies aren’t real! I got them with the AG Grace’s accessories.
      I got the necklace off an etsy shop!
      Thanks for commenting!


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