How do you like the new blog design??

Hello everyone! I was wondering how you all like my new blog design! I have been working hard and (as you can see) I still have more work to do! Most of the Crafts are updated (or have been removed) And I am starting up my weekly crafts again next week!

2 things before I sign off:

  1. Please enter my Giveaway! So far I only have 2 people entered! All entries are due by midnight July 8! Also I am opening it to anyone in the world who would like to enter! (this giveaway is open to people who aren’t users! Just put in the necessary info and you are entered!)
  2. Please also consider making a project for DIY Girls Fashion! I haven’t had anyone do it yet. The sign up form is below (I made a sign up form to make entering easier)

Sign up form for New projects for DIY Girls fashion:



To sign up for the giveaway go to Giveaway!


Thank You! And have a great day!

8 thoughts on “How do you like the new blog design??

  1. I really do want to join the giveaway, but it requires info and u know me parents probably won’t let me. BTW i also followed ur other blog! !!!!!!

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    1. Thank you! If your parents think it is OK then you can just comment on the Giveaway post to get an entry! The reason I made it email sign up is because some of my friends who don’t have blogs wanted to enter and they can’t comment easily!


  2. Also do you want me to share this (about the giveaway) on my blog (Like add a link). My blog doesn’t have that many followers (14 followers just like you) But it might help!!!
    Have an cookies? Cookie monster is hungry!
    – Cookie Monster OUT!

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    1. It would be great if you could share it! Thank you! Ha, Ha so funny


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