Stichy Paper Designs

I am SOOO excited for today’s project! These are one of my favorite things to make! I like to put them in frames and make them into cards! Don’t just stick to the shapes that I included, try words! A ‘Thank You’ or a ‘Happy Birthday’ could looks super cool! Be Creative!

Skill Level: 1 With a little sewing machine experience. (Psst: This is a GREAT practice project!!!!!)
Time to complete: Depends on design you choose. Around 10 minutes each.

You will need:

Basic Sewing Supplies

A fun color of thread

Printer (for printing out designs)

Cardstock (I like a natural brown but any color you choose will be totally awesome!!)

Scissors (paper)


Lets Make IT!!!!

  1. Print out these Design Shapes. Remember, don’t limit yourself to just shapes, words, symbols, or even something you draw will be super cool. Cut out your design and trace it (with the pencil) to the cardstock.IMG_1277
  2. Thread your machine with a fun color of thread.
  3. Sew carefully around the shape. You don’t have to backstitch!IMG_1278
  4. Trim your threads and you are finished!
  5. You can put your design in a frame, give it as a card, or do whatever you want with it!! Great Job!IMG_1279

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