How to store Sewing Patterns

For the past few days I have been wondering what on earth I should do with all of my patterns! I had all of these little scraps and pieces of patterns everywhere.

First lets look at tracing patterns:

  • I like to trace my patterns onto parchment paper, it is easy to see the lines through!
  • When you trace your patterns do it carefully! It is easy to make a simple mistake like tracing the hem line instead of the actual cutting line.
  • Take your time when cutting the patterns as well!

Next lets take a look at storing our patterns:

  • Find a cheep spiral bound notebook with lines in it (available at Walmart or any office supply store. Also known as “1 subject notebooks”)
  • You may want to glue together 2-3 pieces of notebook paper (leave it in the notebook!!) so that you have 1 thick page. This prevents ripping!
  • Find and label some large envelopes. You can label them for individual projects, or you can label them for pattern sizes.
  • Finally glue in the envelopes to the thick pages in the notebooks!

I find it a ton easier when you can easily find your patterns! Enjoy!!

6 thoughts on “How to store Sewing Patterns

    1. Yes! The email address that goes for my blog is actually my moms. I will reply when I can, thanks for all of the tips! I really admire your blog! I am hoping to do the Fairy Light Jar project! Is it OK if I put a link from that project to my blog??


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