My Little Women Skit

If you viewed the post Little Women Tea then you will know that this is the skit that I mentioned, I really hope you enjoy it.    everyone-is-gathered-around-the-piano-helen-and-nellie-together-and-jo-and-ruth-together-and-beth-sitting-at-the-piano P.S. I tried to capture each girls personality as I wrote the skit however the parts are not equal. Also for my party I had 7 guests (including myself) who would act. I didn’t want some guests to have to play Marmee  and the aunt so I made cousins who were visiting. The cousins are a bit wealthier then the 4 girls if that helps. If you only have 4 guests at your party you can transfer and delete lines, maybe in the future I could do that for you. Update* here is the new skit with only the 4 girls in it, it follows the same storyline little-women-skit-2  P.P.S. Here is a link to the Little Women Tea post Little Women Tea

I would love for you to send me pictures of your skit, and your costumes. Please fill out the info below and click Submit.