Cozy & Boho – “Pinterest House” Tour

Hey guys! You all seemed to love the “dream” (travel destinations, house, etc) that I did awhile ago, so I decided to try something a little different today. If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you most likely know that I love interior design. That’s basically what I’ll be doing in this post, just taking you through a “dream house” with photos from Pinterest.

Decorator Cotton Fabric Pt. 2 (pillows)

Who loves pillows? (raises hand high in the air) Well, if you are raising your hand, you’re in luck! 🙂 Today I will be sharing with you a super easy way to cover a pillow! These are so fun and promise, that you will absolutely love them! And I’ve taken a ton of photos to make it super easy to follow along! Let’s get started.

Free Printable Posters!!

Update: These posters are still available. BUT you can find hand-painted watercolor, and quote printables on the Freebies page once you follow me!

Hey. Hi. Hello. Ahh, I’m so super excited to show you guys this project I’ve been working on recently! I designed 7 super cute, quote, posters, that have additional watercolor and flower accents! I absolutely love them and think (and hope) that you will too!!