Blog Post Ideas

These are great tips for all bloggers. Ideas highlighted in bold are perfect for beginners, because they do not require a lot of experience/existing content or complex photography skills.

  1. Dream Travel Destinations
  2. Dream House Tour
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Aesthetics you’ve made.
  5. Shopping Hauls
  6. Photoshoots
  7. Awards/Tags
  8. Month Recap
  9. Wish-list
  10. Favorite products.
  11. School/College Tips
  12. Life updates.
  13. 10 things you probably don’t know about me.
  14. Recipes
  15. Your Spotify Playlist
  16. Write a letter to your younger self.
  17. Morning Routine.
  18. Night Routine.
  19. 10 Things You’re Grateful For Today.
  20. Your most popular posts.
  21. Bedroom/House/Apartment Tour.
  22. Favorite Fashion Pieces of the season.
  23. I-phone photography tips.
  24. Nail Art Tutorial.
  25. Favorite Starbucks drinks.
  26. Your Favorite Apps.
  27. List your favorite bloggers. (and give links to their blogs)
  28. Share your favorite rainy day activities.
  29. Explain the reason behind your blog name and why you chose it.
  30. Favorite YouTubers/Instagrammers.