DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain (Summer Boredom Buster Idea)

Hey guys! I haven’t done a DIY post in forever, but when I saw this one, I knew I just had to share it with you guys! It’s super fun to make and you can turn it into either a keychain or diffuser. (you know, gotta boost your immunity, right?) I think that this would be a super fun project to do together with friends! You could each choose your colors and get making!

Thank you so much to Motley Bliss for providing the kit for this DIY project! Go grab your kit here! Alright, let’s get into the tutorial!

1. Get your kit. Before we get started, go grab your kit from Motley Bliss. The kits are super inexpensive and the shipping is fast! I also love how many fun colors there are to choose from!

2. Set out all your supplies. When you’re ready to begin, start by setting out all your supplies. You should have either a bronze keychain, a silver keychain or diffuser (whatever you chose when you purchased your kit), your yarn, cotton rope strands cut to size, sewing needle and upholstery thread.

3. Start wrapping. Tie a starting knot and begin wrapping your first color around the longest piece of rope.

4. Scrunch the yarn together. Once you’ve been wrapping your yarn for awhile you’ll need to start scrunching the yarn together. Alternate between wrapping and scrunching until you’ve completed the piece of rope. (make sure to leave room for the fringe at the bottom)

5. Lay the pieces out and trim excess threads. Now that you’re finished wrapping the scrunching, lay the pieces out together and adjust them so that they are all the same size at either end. Then trim the excess threads.

6. Sew the yarn-wrapped cotton threads together. Using your provided needle and heavy-weight thread, sew your rainbow together. It’s actually easier to do than it looks, just go back and forth, making sure to keep the rainbow shape throughout.

7. Remove the tape on ends of the cotton rope. Just peel the tape off the cotton rope and fluff it together – now you’re pretty much done!

With the diffuser
With the keychain.

8. Thread either your keychain or diffuser onto the piece. Thread either (whichever you chose when you ordered your kit) your keychain or diffuser onto the top layer of the yarn wrapped cotton rope. And you’re done!

Make sure to use my code: HANNAH for 10% off at checkout! 😁👍

And I think that’s it! This overall only took me about 1 1/2 hours to make, so not bad at all, and it turned out super cute! I’d highly recommend this kit, it’s super fun and I think that it would make a great party idea with friends!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial, if you have any questions/ comments, just let me know in the comments section below!

♥ Hannah

27 thoughts on “DIY Macrame Rainbow Keychain (Summer Boredom Buster Idea)

  1. The pastel rainbow is soooooo cuuuuuteeee. I thought macrame would be so difficult to make but it looks doable I might just try this one out. Thank you for the idea!

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  2. how would you thread the keychain or heart on top? It looks like you used pink thread, but didn’t see in your steps that any pink thread was leftover. thank you!


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