10 Creative & Productive Boredom Busters (being productive during a pandemic)

Hey guys! Wow, I never thought I’d write a post about being productive during a pandemic. XD But honestly, one of the best things we can do is try to be productive and to think of other people, rather than just sitting around and watching the news. (of course, it is important to stay informed and to take appropriate precautions) I know most all events for the next several weeks have been canceled or indefinitely postponed and everyone is pretty much just stuck at home, so here are 10 productive, creative and thoughtful things to brighten someone’s day and you own! 😄

1. Video chat friends and grandparents. Even if we can’t visit them in person right now that doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. Video chatting is literally the next best thing to actually visiting someone in person. You can see the person and they can see you. FaceTime and Google Hangouts are easy and quick to set up on both ends!

2. Improve your skills in the kitchen. Never seem to have time to get creative in the kitchen? Well, now’s the time! Go with something simple like homemade pizza (here’s my favorite recipe!) or go with something complicated like macrons (here’s my all time favorite recipe that I’ve been using for years!) whatever you choose I’m sure you (and your family 😉 ) will enjoy!

3. Send a secret sister bundle. One of my favorite Christian jewelry companies is doing this super neat “secret sister bundle” where you digitally write a letter, choose a necklace, a print and a sticker to send to a stranger and then you receive one in return. And the best part is that it’s only $15 (or less) to participate! Click here to learn more about it!

4. Clean out your closet/bedroom. We all have “that one drawer” or that one place in our closet/bedroom that needs some attention. Now’s the perfect time to tackle it! Even just getting a little cleaning makes me feel super productive and it’s a great boredom buster!

5. Go on a walk. If you have a mostly people free place to walk/run, that’s great! Or if you do see many people out walking, you could go at a less populated time of day. Getting outside and getting fresh air is great for boosting your mood and being productive.

6. Catchup on emails/texts/letters. This one is always a great boredom buster for me, especially on the weekends. Throughout the week, my texts, emails and letters pile up, so I usually try to respond to those on the weekends. Right now though is the perfect time to get caught up and ahead of the game, and while you’re at it, why not reach out to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while. I’m sure they’d appreciate hearing from you! 🙂

7. Start a small garden. This could be a succulent garden, a vegetable garden, a flower garden or a combination! Look up some ideas of easy things to plant, order some seeds (or plants) and get started! Since’s it’s now spring, this is a great time to get started on a garden!

8. Make friendship bracelets. You can easily order friendship bracelet thread online then look up some tutorials on how to do this! You could even make a few to send to friends as a fun surprise!

9. Make a music video or a stopmotion. Always wanted to make a music video to your favorite song that happens to not have a music video? Now’s the perfect time! Get creative and make a music video or stop motion. Most smartphones today have great video cameras, so unless you’re really serious there’s no need to invest in something huge to do this.

10. Listen to an audiobook/podcast. This is great for when you are doing something you already know how to do well (such as laundry or cooking or makeup, etc.) and want to multitask. This is also a great alternative to listening to music!

Alright, I hope you guys will enjoy these boredom buster activities and if you have any ideas on how to bust boredom, make sure to let me know in the comments below! 👍

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💙 Hannah

27 thoughts on “10 Creative & Productive Boredom Busters (being productive during a pandemic)

  1. Great tips! Cool, because I was just listening to the Whoa That’s Good podcast that Sadie Robertson Huff hosts. Shoutout to Sadie! Best podcast ever. Biggest fan of Sadie, I think. 😉

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