Reading Your Assumptions About Me

Hey guys! A few weeks ago I asked you guys what your assumptions were about me and now I’m going to be reading through them and responding to them.

You have a very young sounding voice.

Umm, I don’t really know if I have a young sounding voice or not?? My voice is lower than it used to be. Since a few years ago when I lost my voice for a few weeks and when I got it back it was lower and not so high-pitched.

You can sing.

Well…. I can sing, but it’s not the best ever. I am working on improving it though.

You live on a farm. P.S. I love your blog.

Aww, thank you I’m so glad you like my blog! For some reason I got this a lot, that I liked lived on a farm?? Well I don’t live on a farm, but I do live in the country.

You are very organized and neat.

Yeah… well not exactly. I can be and dirty spaces do bug me sometimes, but I’m not exactly the most organized. I do however like cleaning, it’s just hard to keep it clean.. Do you feel me?

You live in the middle of nowhere in the countryside.

Kind of?? It’s sort of a really tiny town? It’s hard to explain.

You’re a mix of girly girl and tomboy.

I’d say I’m more of a girly girl, but I can on occasion like doing non-girly things. For example I love playing basketball and I’m going on a mud run?? (well it’s actually a rugged maniac, but still)

You’ve written a couple of books.

Umm, nope.. I’ve never even written one.

You have a DSLR camera.

Yep I do.

You have a dog.

He’s technically not mine, but in a way yes.

You live in a big family.

Haha, yep.

You live in Colorado.

Nope, I live in Ohio.

You enjoy farming.

Ok, so I just have question. Have I ever made it seem like I live on a farm? I mean we do have a little land, usually have a garden and we have a dog, but I definitely wouldn’t consider where we live a farm.

You’re really crafty.

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m crafty, because honestly I don’t make things that often. I would say that I am creative though. Does that make sense?

You love the country over the city.

Umm, I do like cities and such. But I also like the country too. It’s hard to say, because I kind of live in the middle of it right now.

You’re always smiling / You’re always optimistic.

Well not exactly. Unfortunately I can be a really negative person sometimes. In the past few years I’ve really worked on it and I’m much better than I was when I was younger, but it is definitely still there.

You’re always coming up with new product ideas for your Etsy shop.

Right now I’m kind of taking a little hiatus from it while I work on another business project. But I would still say yes.

You don’t like peanut butter.

This is sort of true. I don’t like it plain, I do like it in candies and cookies though. But definitely not plain.

You are 5’6″

Nope. I’m actually 5′ 3.5″

You’re very organized but things can get messy every once in a while.

I wouldn’t say that I’m very organized, but yes things definitely get messy once in a while. XD

You’re ambitious in just about everything.

This is very, very true. For sure. *nods*

You’re 14.

Nope, close though.

You like sweaters. (literally every post of photo-shoots, you are wearing a sweater lol)

Yeah, lol.

You like music.

Totally yeah. Pretty much the entire day I’m listening to music. *coughs*

And that’s it for the assumptions, there were a few more, but they were very similar to the ones I read through in the post. So if you don’t see your exact wording, then I probably had one similar that I used for the post. 🙂

Thank you guys so much for reading, remember to like, comment, and subscribe below! 😀


P.S. Happy PI Day! 3.14.19 (get it) 3.14??

31 thoughts on “Reading Your Assumptions About Me

  1. HAHAHA, THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT POST! I loved it, Hannah. By the way, I don’t think you have a young sounding voice at all! When I listened to your podcast, I was actually surprised – it was lower than I thought it’d be.

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  2. Ohh! I actually thought you lived on a farm when I first found your blog as well. XD Not sure why! 😛 This was an awesome post! 😀

    -Laura ❤ 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think maybe people assume that you live on a farm because your blog has a similar vibe/feel that Aria’s and Allison’s do. And they live on farms. Maybe. 🙂 By the way, you may not have known this but I’m a farmer’s daughter (and it goes without saying that I live on a farm). 😀

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    1. That’s likely true. I was also thinking back to how I used to do a lot of garden posts and such that easily could’ve made it sound like I lived on a farm. Very cool! You were right – I didn’t know that! XD

      Liked by 1 person

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