DIY Dried Lilac Flowers {New + Updated}

Hello my friends! About a year ago I published a post on how to dry lilac flowers, and believe it or not, it still gets views! So, since the pictures aren’t the greatest, and the tutorial isn’t very specific, I’m back with a new and updated version! Drying lilac flowers is much easier then it seems, the process is super simple and the result wonderful! Once the lilac flowers are dry, you can make them into a variety of different projects, and there are many uses for them!


You’re going to want to wait for a day when it hasn’t rained in a while, and the flowers are dry. Otherwise they will take a LOT longer to dry.

Snip the flowers off the bush and shake them a to remove any bugs or water.


Now for the tedious part. You have to remove each and every individual flower from the cluster. It actually isn’t THAT hard.


The hard part is behind you! All you have to do now is fill up some paper bags with the flowers and let ’em sit for a week or so. Also, don’t fill up the bags more than 2/3, otherwise it will take FOREVER for them to dry. Think of it this way: The more flowers in the bag the longer it takes.


So, if you want your flowers dried within a couple of days, put them in a gazillion paper bags and set them in someplace warm to dry.

Also take into consideration that the flowers’ size will basically be halved by the end of the drying process.


How to know when they are done? They should be super dry and crumbly, almost like dead leaves. You shouldn’t feel any moisture, whatsoever in them.


And there you have it! An easy method of drying lilac flowers. Once the roses start blooming, I’ll make a new and updated drying roses tutorial! 😀

Have a wonderful Saturday!



P.S. If you enjoyed this tutorial be sure to share it on Pinterest! Here is an image great for pinning! 😀

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