Art Lab #39 // Super Cute Valentine Card!

Hey. Hi. Hello. Bonjour. Have you ever wanted to give that extra special someone an extra special valentine? Giving a unique and pretty card is both fun and shows that you care about the other person! Today I am going to show you a super cute card idea that involves personality and just plain adorableness! Excited? I certainly am. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

First, here are the supplies I am using:


  • Balloon decorative paper (you could also draw your own balloons)
  • Brush pen markers (I used Valentine’s day colors)
  • A little & sign (I cut mine from decorative paper)
  • Blank card and envelope
  • Exact-o knife (if you are young than please ask for adult assistance when using this knife or opt for fine tip scissors)
  • Basic Scissors and glue stick


Cut around the & sign with the exact-o knife.


Looking good right!

card 2

Now add the words! I did Me & You!


Sorry that the lighting is sort of funky on this picture!


Now add the & sign and glue into place.


Lay out your balloons to see what order you want them in! Then glue them into place!

Hey, you’re finished! Great job!

If you made the card and would like to show me just let me know by clicking here!

What did you think?

Did you like the balloons?

Sign off new design

15 thoughts on “Art Lab #39 // Super Cute Valentine Card!

    1. Thank you! No we don’t usually do much, my younger siblings participate in a Valentine exchange with our homeschool group. I just made this card for my friend! 😉

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