Interview with my little sister!

Hello everyone! Today I thought it would be fun (and funny) to interview my little sister! I have to tell you that she had so much fun doing this! Here we go:

I write normally and Eliyana writes in purple

What kind of crafts do you like?

Princess wands, books and coloring!

Anything else?

Well, I like to write letters, and uh sometimes when you let me, make Artist Trading Cards.


Colorful by Eliyana


What is your favorite toy?


You don’t have any ballerinas!

Yes I do! Remember the doll you got me last Christmas. She is a ballerina!

Oh yeah. So what else do you like to do?

Well, mostly I like to play outside and with my password journal. And to color.

You already said that. Anyway, what’s your favorite food?


You never even eat broccoli.

Yes I do! I eat the tops.Β 

Okay………….So what else.

I like to dance.

Yes, actually you do dance and sing a lot.


My favorite things by Eliyana


What do you want to be when you grow up?

A ballerina teacher.

Oh yes, how could I have forgotten.

Look at that airplane.


Look its making shapes!

Now its gone.Β 

Hannah, your supposed to be asking me questions! Remember, you said that you were gonna ask questions and then I had to answer.

Ok then. So anything else you would like to talk about?

I forgot to say that I like pillows!

Yes, you have one right now don’t you.

Actually I don’t.


I have my camera.

Oh. You can’t bring it in though.

I also like tea parties. Oh and we have to stop now, we are at church. How am I supposed to end?

You can just say thanks for reading or something.

OK then.Β 


Hehe! I thought that this might be fun to do! And yes, we were on the way to church this morning when I interviewed her. And we did see an airplane, and she does have a camera, but don’t worry it is meant for young children.

I hope you enjoyed reading and have a wonderful Sunday!

Sign off 2


24 thoughts on “Interview with my little sister!

  1. This was really funny Hannah! I love reading these sort of interviews. I recently did one with my little sister, and I had a great time! The best in line in there: “I like pillows!”

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