Clay Rose Necklace // DIY

Hello everyone! I’ve been wanting to do some more polymer clay DIY’s so today I thought that I would try one! I love making these roses and plan on giving some as Christmas gifts! 

The Rose:

So I am using Sculypey 3  clay found either on Amazon or at Hobby Lobby. You can mix a little orange and red clay and an equal amount of white clay for pink. Or mix just a tad of red and orange clay into a lot of white for peach. You can also just have plain red clay!

You don’t want your clay to be too soft when you are making it into the rose, so once you mix the colors let it set for a while until it becomes less soft and a little more dense.

When your clay is ready, you can begin! I will only be using a few tools and you can also just use your hands. I am using…

  • A presser tool
  • A rolling tool
  • Wax paper
  • Knife (aka edge of presser tool)

Easy and simple right?

(and I will apologize in advance for some bad quality photos, will it ever stop raining?)

So your going to begin by taking a small ball of clay and rolling it into a long thin snake shape.

Use the presser tool to press the clay down into a more flat snake shape.

Now using your knife cut the strip so one edge is more flat


Carefully lift up the clay


And begin rolling it into a rose shape!


Strive for imperfection as you roll up your rose. Nothing is perfect and imperfection is beautiful when it comes to this!


The Findings:

(aka the little wire loop thingy where you thread your necklace chain through)

I’m using this wire but really any craft wire will work, you will also need needle-nose jewelry pliers and jewelry wire cutters.


Cut a piece of wire and make it into a loop with your pliers


Twist up the remaining wire and cut off the excess


Here is how big the wire loop should be:


Putting it all Together:

Insert the wire loop into the rose and make sure that it is secure!!


If you want to you can add leaves to your rose…..

And of course stick them onto the rose:


Now your beautiful necklace is all ready for baking. Bake according to the instructions on the package!

I know this may seem like a lot of work for one necklace but really if you try it, its not.

Also I’m changing up my posting schedule a little bit and will be posting on Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursday’s.

Wednesday’s and Friday’s have simply become to busy to post on!

Well I hope you enjoyed and have a great rest of the day!

P.S. I am changing my site design a tad. I am hoping to get a new theme and new graphics. Here is a sneak peak:

Header image 2

What do you think? I am considering getting Toujours as my theme!

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