Which is the best Picture? #1

Hello everyone! So I have decided to do this really fun photography thing! You all may remember Which is the best plant? or Which is the best flower?? that I did a few months ago! This time I am going to pick 5 photo’s that basically have the same theme and every few weeks or so I will post the winner with the new category! Confused? Well basically all you have to do is watch out for these type posts and don’t forget to vote! Easy, right?

So in this post I posted the first pictures for the first category, here is the winner:










Picture #1 was voted as the best! I think it is the best too! It reminds me of swimming, sunglasses, those flip-flops (which unfortunately broke), and by favorite color-blue!

Here is the next category:


Yes, you are probably wondering, “Why on earth is she doing weeds??” well, I actually kind of like some weeds!! Especially the wildflowers! Anyway, without further ado:

Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4
Picture #5

Which one did you like best? Vote below:

Also, to make this post longer I am going to include some other random things:

1.  So many of you liked the AG DIY post that I recently published, would you like to see another one, and possibly a Paint and Pens season of them?

2. I am hoping to do another “All my ATC’s” post sometime soon, would you like to see them. I would also include tips about storing ATC’s as well!

3. I have 71 followers! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂 I am planning to do a huge giveaway when I get 100!

4. Would you like to see a Christmas Gift DIY post maybe sometime in November?

That’s about it, I guess. 🙂 Sign off


39 thoughts on “Which is the best Picture? #1

  1. Ooh this is a fun idea! Yikes, it’s so hard to choose. XD I think 2 or 5, but if I can only choose one… maybe 5? Also I’d love to see your ATCs and congratulations on 71 followers! 🙂
    P. S. Nice profile picture update! 😉

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  2. Hey, Hannah!!😊
    My name is Sara🙂
    I’m very glad I found your blog… IT’S AWESOME! I LOVE your name also, I will follow and see your new posts!😃

    It’s nice meeting you! 😄

    I will tell you 5 facts about me..

    1. My name is Sara
    2. I like to… Craft, bake, sew, make stuff, color, read, write, and I love animals.
    3. I have two younger brothers.
    4. I have brown hair, hazel eyes.
    And this one you can ask me any question of your pick…

    Nice meeting you, Hannah!


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