Samantha’s School Set

Hello everyone!

To understand about this you need to know the story:

A few years ago my older cousins Sarah and Stephanie gave my sister and I American Girl Dolls. I got Samantha, and my sister got Caroline. I still have Samantha and my sister still has Caroline. (I will show you a pic of Samantha next week)

So anyway, my Grandma found a small what looked like a mini old-fashioned school set in her one of her bedrooms where cousins, and other family can stay when they are traveling or visiting.

It turned out to be that Sarah had forgot to give me that school set for my doll Samantha.

Interesting story right?!

This school set is from before Samantha was retired so it is very special to me!

I wanted to show it to you:

Isn’t it just so cute!

Here is a gallery of all of the items in the set!


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